Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ok so I WASNT even heres! I was off kickin some Santy butt and that dang sweetbutt glow forEsefer sis of mine gots an injury. She is goin to be ok but got sent off to the hospittle and ever since my person has been treating me like - get this - a "rare bjd" DANG! Its done been so Frustratable it done cut into my relief some of having all my clothes and toys to MeSefs Back!
But dis very understandablewise person did straighten my person out some dat I and Phaerdra be FAERY and not just some fragility species NoHows. DANG!

So anyways I figgered I be doin my part by releasin some of my Natral SuperPowers and Dressin da part. I mean after alls I Drive a Dump Truck now! In addition to Dragons, Harleys, and I have even done survivabled a soft furry creature event. So I am not no sissy, and neither is dat sis,but Dang if she didnt go get tings all complificated some heres.
I tinks she jus done didnt get out enuff and get all toughened up like Me's, so anyways I hopes she has a nice long trip and gets better sometimes next year or da later ones and meanwhile I will be stomping about evidencing my true Tiggness so's dont be spectin no lame la la la postins. I still be goin out in da world. In fact I be meeting some of my publics at da meetup tomorrowsefer. Not sure if I be grantin autograffies - I mean its a MALL - I gots Business shoppin to do!

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