Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Final Installment from the Gaithersburg Antique Doll Show

It was kind of overwhelming there being Sooo Many 'Tiquey dolls everwhere!

 I gots my buddies together and we headed over to the socks makers. Here is BJD Bluette, and little Jaime-Doll Elf Winny as we played amidst the softie threads and nifty gadget stuffs. 
We was all dreamin bout cool things you can make wid dis!
Bleuette wants sox and Winny elf wants a little tube dress and me, I am hoping for my very ownliest softie beanie!
I kept wonderin if there'd be anything to play with all my own size and kinda newfangled after all the elder jointy dolls stuffs.
Then I found - RE MENT!!!!!
TONS of IT!!!

After all dat I figgered I would check out the scenes some more to get some last pics with the "Tiquey dolls. Not often that so many ancestors are all in one place togethersome.
Several very nice ones invited me over to make a holiday scene pic. I had fun playing in the snow with these ones. They was so pretty, and their houses and toys so dreamy.
They said I fit right in like a reglar Pro. I do knows how to strike a pose.
I had such a wonderfulsome time.
I tink some of dat 'Tiquey magic done rubbed right off on me for Sure!
I sure will miss all my new 'Tiquey friends
till next time!

Toodles an all Dat!

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