Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to be waitin for your Fuuga

Ok, so I's been fiddlin aroun wonderin what to do while waitin for Fuuga. Apparentsly there be a number of us also waitin, so I figgered I'd think up somethings to do Tutorializationwise.

She axtually got ordered before me, but now she is goin to be my present for the holydays. I like presents, so I figger I will like her too.

Plus, there is alot of Esperiance I have to pass along.

One thing thats fun of course is buyin stuff online; But this can get Spensive...

So I had some other thinkings to share that mite help. One is making sure your dragon is prepared propersly, else he might eat her or sumpthin, So training and preparing the household is Important;
I think some proper feedin beforehand is a good idea too.

Also I like to check abouts the place and make sure there are lots of things to show her when she comes

Makin sure all the equipsment is workin good

Important to feed the plants too just in case they resin eatin

Then of course you can try on clotheses to see what dont fit that she can have. (All mine fit me jus fine tho, I checked to be sure.)
It also helps if you can make stuff for her. 
Like clotheses, or furntitures
Its also good to check out your toys to see what maybe perhaps possibly potentiality might be shareable

This involves lots of hugging so I do like dis part.

So if ya's keepin busy doin all dis stuff it helps
Then you can just dream bout her comin soon

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  1. Hi! Tiggy, I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing these tips. ... very very helpful! I'll make sure my little Fuuga reads this often when she arrives.
    I helped you feed your fish and hamster. Don't feed them again today... until tomorrow morning Ok?