Saturday, December 31, 2011

HappyMost 2012 PeePs!

VampFae Sageling, TiGGy, Phaedra, ByGby, Baby Pearlie, Da Fez, Ans Santy Claus

Lilac Haru By Donny Harijanto, Mrs Claus, Prof Hunter w We BeautyMost Painting By Indigo, Rudy Reindeer by Daisy Dayes, Gingerbread Froms RoseAnn, Ans EnYo Marnie Wids Teddy Froms Cordie!

HaPPy HaPPy 2012!


Baby Pearlie's Bestest Friend GoTs Her Whimsy Mimzy Froms Cordie

Blitzava Pony Ans Nefer Kane Elf Be CelebratinZ Too!

For Aulds Lang Sein We Peeps...

For ALL Lands SinGs!

May Yer New Years 2012 Be Da Bestest Evers ~ LuV TiGGy Ans We Family To YoUs!

<3 <3 <3

HaPPyMost New Years Peeps!

Plenty More PartyMosts Be CominZ!

StrumminZ In's Da NewMost Year Wids Me Banjimminey!

La La La LAAA 2012 Be CominZ!

Friday, December 30, 2011

WenTs To A Dolly Shop!

Fabric Friends & Dolls

ToNs O Dollies, BJDs, Outfits, Shoes Ans Rement!

Fabric Friends And Dolls Shop!

Ahhhs Da "I" Candy!

I Played's Wids Da Dollies Ins Da Roombox

Great Jobbie George!

Da Ruby Red Galleria Honee-B Dolls Be Puki Sized Ans We Hads Fun Play'nZ!

Ans Dey Shoe'ses Ans Cappies Fit PerFectMost!

Iris Done Ordered Me Up's Da WholeMost Inventory!

I Had's A WonderfulMost Time - I Miss Ya's Already's

TANKs Iris Ans George - I Hads A BlasT! ~ LuV, TiGGy

Can's We Keeps Him?!

BuTs He Goes Wids Me OutFit!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dis PaRtY Be RocKinZ!

Wids LoTs O Swappie PreZZies From's Richilla - TaNKs HuGeMost For MakinZ We HollyDay SpeZialMost Richilla!

YePs Peeps We GoTs Da SpeZialMost Guestie - SANTY!

I Saids We GoTs Alls Da Bases Coverd's - NaughtY Ans NiceMost!

Yeps We Been Good, Well MostWise...


TANKs Santy For MakinZ Baby Pearlie's Xmas Da SpeZialMostest!

It Were Baby Pearlie's DearMost Wish Ta Meets Ya!

GoTs We Tree DecoratedZ

Da Peeps Be SinGn'Z!

Prof. Hunter Ans Lilac

Wids BeautyMost Painting For's Da Cabin By Indigo!

SkyCam RockinZ Da Cabin

HappyMost HollyDays To EverPeeps EverWhereZ!

From's We Family To YoUz - LuV TiGGy, ByGby, Baby Pearlie Ans All Da Peeps!