Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Likes Me Piggies PinkMost!
How Bouts a Peeps HoWdy for me NewMost Piggle ~ "TINKLEs"
NoTings As Healins as Piggie LuVins!

Me Precious Piggie were mades by Honeycupbears

TANKs Honeycupbears for me Piggy Love "Tinkles"!!!
LUV ~ TiGGy 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CCC Pee wee Piggy Penelope Belle Gots Here's
Penelope gots all Xcited to Be Ins America
ans seeins Da Flag
Ans Da Washington Monumental
Ans da Jefferson Memorials
Ons Da
Cherry Blossom Festival Ins D.C.!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Alls OfficialMost NowZ!
Ofc. TiGGs ans Deputy Zippy Ons Da Jobbie!
Gonna Ferrets Outs Da Crimeny!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me Pal Hitty Buzby in her Newmost Whale Dress!
Ifs Ya Donts Know WAAATs da Whale Dress Be Bouts Ya Gotta Reads 
"Hitty Her First Hundred Years" bys Rachel Fields ans Illustrationed bys Dorothy Lathrop

Gets Da Book Here's!

Gets Info ons Hitty Here's!

Hitty Were Da OriginalMost Adventurins Dolly!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy FirstMost Anniversary DAY!!!!

Tiggy and Bygby Bunksies Wedding National Cathedral D.C

       Marrieds at da National Cathedral in Washington D.C. March 19th 2010
We Vows

Da BeautyMost Rose Window!

Tendermost Moments....

Da Kissie

We Weddin Guesties!

Backs Home, Supportins Bygby as we reads da loversome inscriporatory tos me ByGby

Makin We's Life Togethersome
ats da Cabin
Da Firstmost Nite Were a Bits Awkwards....
But We Gots Da Hangmost Ofs Its!
We Loves We Baby Pearlie!
Ans Our Beautymost Life Togethersome!

Kickin'Z Butts!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dis Be Me Dolly Huggins Day.

Dis SpezialMost Dolly were mades for mesef ofs mesef by PapillionBleu when I wons her Dolly Peep Drawins, I Loves Me BeautyMost Custom Dolly! 
You cans Get Yer Ownliest Dolly Mades Here!
PapillionBleu Gots a WonderFullmost Bloggie Heres!
She do AweSumMost Doll Partys so Do watch her Videos, ans she sents me some Partyin Supplies So We Be Partyin SOON!
TANKs For Me SpezialMost Dolly PapillionBleu!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Importants Public Service Announceables!
If you Loves BJD Dollies, ans You Reads "Doll Reader", you mights be Confuseds If You Donts Do Yer Researchins!
Coz Doll Reader Aints Doin Propers Researchins!
"Ultimate Doll Authority" ME BUTTs! 
SeveralMost O Dese Articles on Doll Readers page are BY Dis Catherine Sanders Of Dollfair!
Here Be some HelpFul Links to Make SureMost You Donts Lose Yer Money ans Donts ends up like so many who been Hoodwinksed by dis Ginormous Mess ans donts gets yer PreciousMost Dollies!
Dollfair2010/2011 Problems Update site
"Dollfair International No LONGEer Be Representin Dese Artists
Sleetweath Briar created by Anita Collins, 
Narin/Narae by Bimong, Supia Dolls, 
My Dolling, by Gu Mi Jung, 
and dolls from artist LillyCats of Cerisedolls."
  Keeps Posted Via BJDcollectstasy updates on dis BadMost Situation!
 Ands As Dollfair Haves websites TAKins MONEYs But NOTs Sendin Dollies! ans actins likes dey be RepresentinsArtists
BE CarefulMost ans Make Sure Your Dolly Site Is NOTs Dollfair, but da actual artists site!

Here Be a Comparison Dis Be Dollfair Pseudo Site
It Will TAKEs Yer Money!

ActualMost Artist Site to Gets Yer Dollie for Yer Moneys is Here
Dat nearly Gots Me!
So I Dids Some Researchins ans Felts da Peeps Needs Ta KNOW
Coz Dollies Wants Ta Makes It HOME!!!
Power To Da Peeps!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Me Pal Indigo sents me a care packie wids me ownliest cuddlesome Sockem Munkey!

He likes ta Play Ins Me Hairses!

Ans gives nicemost Kissies

I cans confides all me Bigmost Tinkins

Ans be dancins ans playins Togethersome!

I Jus Loves Me Sockem Munkey!

TANKs Indigo!