Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Firstest Visit to Santy Claws

Dis dude was very nice and droppeded me off at the North Pole today. Yep, sure did! See -

I dont tink he was a Reign deer tho, but at least he was a dear, and it was raining, So anyway it still worked.
The firstest one I met I started giving my list....
When midway thru my list after a half hour or so it occurred to me dat he didnt have no claws, no beard, and no lap neither.
There is supposed to be a lap to this Santy dude, but turns out I was wrong about there being claws, its jus a name, dat part.
So anyways Santys helper was real nice and helped me find the Real Santy Dude!
Then I had to start the Whole List Alls over Again!

When I finished my ENTIRE list he said to me "Ho Ho HO - Thats very nice you wanting all these special things for the other fairies and I will certainly work the elves extra hard to sew all these clothes and make all these wigs and toys, and I will work Especially hard to make sure that SpookyJester gets her Fuuga because I really dont want you kicking my butt - OK?!"
I told him he was square wid me if he done got on all dese tings and I told him as he has a big butt I really hope I wont have to kick it cause I just do need my feets.
So den I hugged him and we gots a nice pixture togethersome.

I did tink he looked some worried so I told him Hey Santy if Amazon can do it I sure bets you can too!
I tink dat did Courage him some.

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