Saturday, March 29, 2014

TiGGy and Tigglet in the Studio with 1720's Cello

TiGGy ans Tigglet At PLaY In's Da Studio
Here Wids We 1720's Cello!
 Tigglet Be's Made Outta Wood Too's!
 NoT Ye Olde Wood Tho
Ma Sewed Da Heart Shaped Quilted Protector
 OoosP Tigglet Where Ya GO'nZ?!
 DaT Bridge AinTs Made For WaLK'nZ!
 Tigglet Sure Do GoTs Me Genetics...
 Aw, Me SweeTMosT Tigglet
 Now Ya Be's SafeMosT In's Me Arms
 I LuVs Ta Cuddles Ya Me Tigglet
 I CaNs FeeL Ya Vibrate Wids Da Wood!
 Me SweeTMosT Resonant Tigglet
 YiPes ~ NoTs Da Sound Hole Tigglet
Ya Coulds Fall In!
 No Worries I Gots Ya Me Tigglet!
 Ya Gotta Be CarefulMosT!
 Aw Me SweetMosT Tigglet
 There Jus Do Be's A Difference 
TweeN Play'nZ On 
Ans PLaY'nZ Cello
 BuTs Ya Do Both Be Made's O Wood
 Ans Very DearMosT To Me Heart
 ***TicKle TicKle TicKle***
LuV, TiGGy ans Tigglet

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TiGGy ~ GoTs Inuit Experience w/ SNoW

MoRe SNoW!
 BuTs I GoTs Da ExpertMosT!
 Me Hand Carved Soapstone Inuit Doll Buddy!
 She GoTs Da TraditionalMosT 
Baffin Island Beaver Parka
 Wids A HandyMosT Hoodie 
Ans LovelyMosT Braid
 Oh YePs!
 We GoTs Dis!
LuV, TiGGy

Saturday, March 22, 2014

TiGGy Visits Magical TillyMoon

WenTs Ta VisiT Me Firefly Fairy PeeP TillyMooN
Wids Me Crew, Tigglet ans Valentini
 We GoTs Da RoyalMosT TreaTmenT!
Tigglet Wents Up Ta See Da Hitty's, 
Miss Hickory, ans Friends
 Ans FellowMosT DandelionFair PeePs
 They GoTs Ta Dance'nZ
Ans Da MonkEyGstudio Crew
 Tigglet Hads A WonderMosT Time VisiT'nZ
Mimosa Tea, TiGGy, TillyMoon 
Tigglet ans Valentini Togethers
 GnomeyK SnucK a Kissie O' TillyMoon
 ManyMosT PiX O We Adventures 
Together Ta Comes!
LuV, TiGGy 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

TiGGy's Gaithersburg Doll Show Goodies!

Gaithersburg Dolly Show Goodies!
(Some Be's SecretMosT For NowZ)
BuT I CaN's Show Ya Me Minty VinTy VaC!
 A SpeZialMosT Gumby For Me Hubby ByGBy
Ans TaNKs To Da Inspire'nZ O Me Followers….
 YeP, I GoTs Sasha Fever!
 Sasha Dolls Jus Do Be Iconic
 MaKes DaT "IconicMosT!"
 OK Sasha - LeTs GeTs Ya FreeMosT!
 No Worries Sasha I GoTs Dis!
 DaNGs Hairses NeT!
 Oh YeaH We Be RoCK'nZ ToGetherZ!
 Sasha Dolls Were Created By Sasha Morgenthaler
 They Have An Awesome History Ans DevotedMosT FaNs
 NowZ I Be's An OfficialMosT Sasha FaNGirl!
 HeaD'nZ Home For ManyMosT 
Adventures ToGetherZ!
 Also GoTs Some GrrrreaT 
Sasha Pattern BooKs!
 CoZ Ya KnoW I LuV'Z Clothes!
 TANKs PeePs For EnJoY'nZ
 We Gaithersburg Dolly Show Adventures!
LuV, TiGGy ans Sasha