Monday, December 28, 2009

Firstest Ever BJD MeatUp!

Dis day me an sum of my buds went to our First Ever BJD MeatUp. I tinks dey call it dis cauze dere was tons of meat people to see Eveywheres!
Big ones, small ones, old ones, teenie ones not even walkin yets! We had great seats to watch everyones as yous can see.
 Dese are all my own buddies from home cept dat girl in red who snuck in cauz she also be SoulDoll like Bohemian be, an sort of family like dat ways.
I have lots more reportings from dis meatwatch but I am tired now from all da posings so I will tells ya more in da next days.
For nows jus some family pics of us. PKF Ante Penelope, Jaime-doll Elf Winny WISTERIA , Batchix Machina Alpha AXEL, Da Bobobie Pup Beagle, SoulDoll Bohemian of Empty Room, And of course ME's which be da Entired reason for beings here - of course!   :)

Oh, here be two more of da Bohemian and dat pretty red girl.
So Oks, more reportings wid all da Interestifying BJDs I met in da upcoming Stallations- Bye!

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