Friday, August 30, 2013

ToP CHeF "TiGGy"

Say Hey, Good Lookin' 
- WAAATs Ya Got's Cookin'?
 How's Bout's Cookin Somethin' Up WiDs Me?
 Hey, Sweet Baby 
Don'tcha TinKs 
We Can Finds Us a Brand New Recipe?
So if You Wanna Have FuN
 Come Along WiDs Me
 Say Hey, Good Lookin' 
 WAAATs Ya Gots Cookin'?
 How's Bout Cookin Somethin' uP WiDs Me?
 No More Lookin' - I Know I Beens Cookin'
How's Bout Cookin Somethin' UP WiDs Me?
LuV ~ Chef TiGGs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Legend Says Its Dangerous To Eat Fairy Food...

GoTs Ta GeT Supplies For Me Piratey ShiP
HeLLo LaY's - YePs Dis Be's PerfectMosT!
Chicken Ans Waffle ChiP's
PerfectMosT For HunT'nZ Treasure!
 KeeP'nZ Me Crew HaPPyMosT
 MeaN's GreaT EaTs!

Yo LaYs - Where Be Me RuM ans CoKe Chippies?!
 Dis Here's MaY Be Da Origination
 O Why It Be's DangerousMosT 
 For Humans Ta EaTs Fairy FooDs
 Yo De LaY's De HO!
Ans AwaY We Go!
LuV, Capt. TiGGs

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pirate BooTy - Capt. TiGGs

AhoY MaTeY's!
Capt. TiGGs Here
 Shake's Yer BooTy
 For's Me LooTy
 For I Be's A Pirate Queen

 Tis A BooTyFuLL TinG
 Ta Be's A Pirate QueeN!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Firefly Fairy And Friends 2013 Summer Swappie Gifties From Alison & Crew!

Alison, Darjeeling Ans Crew Sents Us Goodies
For's Da 2013 Firefly Fairy's Ands Friends Summer Swappie

 GoTs So ExCiTed We Jus Open'd EverTinGs!
CaNs Ya Tell Da Theme Were "Pirates!"
OmiGoshNess EverTinGs Be PerfectMosT!
Even Piratey Goodies For We MantlePiece!
  GorgeousMosT Candlesticks Ans Piratey Ship!
 Ans A Skull Ta Be's
 Ans Ta Be's WiDs!
 WAAATs Ta PLaY Wids First 
Be's Da Question!
 Ans I GoTs Da Sling Ans Blade 
 O OutrageousMosT Fortune!
 Baby Pearlie LuVs She Wee Sea Turtle
 Ans I LuV Da Gallop'nZ Gus Tortoise
 Tigglet Gallop'nZ Gus
 Alison Even Mades Me a Piratey Outfit
 Ans Piratey Cappies Ans
LoTsa Ice Ta CooLs Too's!
 ByGBy LuVs Da RuM Set!
 EveN A Compass DaT DonT Point North
 BuT To Me Hearts DesireMosT - Me Family!
 A Huge MysteriousMosT Piratey Chest
Milk Choco - Me FaVE!
 A SailFuLL Piratey Ship Ans Candle's
 For's We BeautyMosT Mantle - WoWZ!!!
TANKs Ya Alison, Darjeeling Ans Crew
 For Da FaBuMosT Piratey Swappie
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy Ans Baby Pearlie!