Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HaPPyMosT HoLLyDaZe PeePs!
 BeeNs BusyMosT ShoP'nZ!
Updating Me List For SanTy!
Be'nZ All CuddleSome Wids We Family
GoTs A BeautyMosT Dolly O Me BDaY Outfit!
TooK Tiny Tiggs Ta TNT's Christmas In Washington TV SpeZial
 ChecK'nZ Da Obama SeaTs!
 SinG'nZ Christmas Carols!
GoTs Me OfficialMosT SanTy ELF OutFiT!
 AnS A NeW Christmas PuPPy CoCoaPuFF!
 PuPPy Kissies ~ SQUeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
GoTs GooD Holiday EaTs!
 MO Please!
ChecK'nZ SanTy's Sleigh!
 GeT'nZ LiT!
 Fly'nZ Ta Help SanTy!
 Be'nZ OfficialMosT SanTy Elf 
Be's A BiG Jobbie!
GoTs Me Holiday LighTs Up 
Wids Da Whole FamilyMosT!
 AnS A LovelyMosT Christmas DaY!
 WiDs WonderfulMosT Prezzies 
For Da Whole Fambly!
 TANKs Ya SanTy 
For Da AwesomeMosT Gifties!
 BaBy Pearlie Be's JoyousMosT!
 We Be's GratefullMosT To YoU 
~ SweeT PeePs!
We WisH Ya Da MerryMosT O Holidays EverPeePs!
 ~ LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy, Baby Pearlie 
FroMs We Whole Fambly To YoU ans YoURs!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hopes Ya Had A GreaTMosT 
Turkey DaY PiLGrims!
Ans GooD VisiTs Wids Da Ancestors
 I LuVs Me "BeBe Tout En Bois - Da QueeN"
Now Ya KnoW Where I GoTs Me RegaLTude.
Followed By A NiceMosT
 Tryptophan Nap Wids Me Family
 All CuddlyMosT Togethers
Ans Some Vigorous Exercise
 Founds Me A Pile O Leave's
 Ans LeaPT RighT In!
 LeaF Piles Ons Da BeacH!
 BesTesT LeaF SurF'nZ EveR!
 HaPPy FaLL PeePs! ~ LuV, TiGGy

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jus WheN Ya ThunK 
Da NeighborHood Be's SafeMosT...
 SomeTinGs Oddy Dis WaY Cometh
 WeLCome's To Da OddyToriuM!
 Dere Goes Da NeighborHood
 Oddy Do Be's DanG CutieMosT!
 I LuVs Me Oddy!
 Aaaahh Da Trubble We CaN GeTs InTo!
LuV, TiGGy ans Oddy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

TiGGy ~ FroM Bach Ta RocK!
 FirsTMosT Da Kennedy Center!
 GoTs Ta SinG Da BacH B Minor Mass
 La La La La LAAA - OoosP I MeaNs 
Si Si Si Si Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
FeeDs Me SouLMosT!
 TheN I VoteD! 
They RaN Outta Stickers 
So I GoTs A Pic Here Wids Da 
OfficialMosT Chief Election Judge Marcy!
OK Dones Me Civic DutyMosT!
 NoW I'm Off Ta Be A PunK Princess!
 DanGs Ma, PuTs Me DowN -
 I GoTs Me Stature Ta MainTaiNs Here!
Holy CowMosT!
 RocK'nZ WiDs 
Da Baltimore RocK Opera Society!
 Unleash Me Inner DiVA!
 Da BanDs ALL Here!
 LeTs RoCK!
 PumP IT UPs!!!
 Oh YeaH BaBY!
 LeTs RoLL!!!
 RoCK DiVa TiGGy!!!
 I GoTs Dis BaBY!
GoTs Me FAEMones GO'nZ!
 Light ShoW!
 ConCerT PaNoRaMaMosT!
 Me PaL Natty BoH!
 JuS GoTTa MoSH!
 MosH PiT MaYHeM!!!
 Oh YeaH NaTTy BoH ~ We GoTs Dis!
 RocK ON PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy