Thursday, January 30, 2014

TiGGy ~ "Laundry DaY!"

Jus GoTTa LuVs Laundry DaY!
 Roll'nZ In's Da Monies
 Its Me FavoriteMosT JoBBie!
 Fairy Handy Too's!
 Me Skill'nZ Wids Da Skillet AinTs Much...
 BuT When It Comes Ta Laundry
 YeP ~  I GoTs Dis!
Ans I Do TaKe CoMissionZ!
 Me CuT Do Be's SteePMosT Tho
 BuTs SomeTimesYa Jus Gotta Dough
WAAATs Ya GoTTa Dough!
LuV, TiGGy

Saturday, January 25, 2014

TiGGy and Elphie in SnoW DaZE

HaPPyMosT SNoW DaZe PeePs!

 Me Pal "Elphie" Be's KeeP'nZ Me DryMosT!
YePs I Designed Elphie and YoU Cans Make Yer Ownliest Makie Doll Lab Doll Toos!
But Your Makie Doll Mights Not Carry Ya....
 Elphie LuVs Ta Carry Me
Which Do Be HandyMosT In's Precipatories
 CaNs Ya Hear Me NoWZ?
 Well Course I MeanTs SnoW!
 LoTsa SnoW!
BeTs Ya Wish Ya HaDs A Carry PaL Toos
 I Gotta Admits I LiKes Dis.
 Elphie CaNs EveN Scratch Me Itchies
 I DinT MeaN NoW!
 WheNs DeY AinTs PeeK'nZ!
 OK Elphie SaY ByE To Da PeePs
 We GoTTa Go Inside Now
 STaY WarM PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy ans Elphie

Sunday, January 19, 2014

TiGGy Public Service AnnounceMenT

TiGGy and Jingle Belle RoCK!

Howdy PeePs ~ TiGGy Here!
I BeeNs TraveLMosT!
 Ans Dere's!
DeeP In's Da Wilds O' D.C.
 LooKie WAAATs I FounD For Ya's!
 YePs Da OfficialMosT;
 Jingle Belle RocK!
 GeTs Me GrooVe GO'nZ!
 In's Me SpeZialMosT Xmas Tree Dressie!
 YePs Ya Jus GoTTa Moves Wids Da Musics!
 RoCK Ans RoLL
 FeeLs Da BeaT!
  BoohYeaH BaBY!
EnJoY Da Winter FuNs! ~ LuV, TiGGy

Saturday, January 18, 2014

EnolaFaE Arrives....

Uh Oh ~ Somethin Here is NoT Like The Others...
Da BomB
 Has Arrived!
 I'ms Haute Haute Haute!
Oh YeaH!
 BurN BaBy BurN!
NeeDs Ta EXpanD Da Paradigm
O FairyTuDE
Cottingley Me BuTTs
I'ms A GLaMFaE
Fairy Haute Couture
RunWay Alls Da WaY
WAAATs Ya Never Saw PasT Watercolors?!
Well, TiGGs KnoWs Da Score
So I Came Here's Ta ShaKes Me StuFFs
Ans RoCK YouR World
 So Listen Up PeePs
Jus When Ya Thought Ya Knew Fairys
Jus Fasten Yer SeaTie BeLTs
EnolaFaE Be's Here!