Thursday, February 23, 2012

It were Dark Ans Cold Outside Da National Cathedral Ins DC Tonite...

I Ain't In's Dis Pixture...

Ans I AinTs In's Dis Pixture Neithers...

Wanna Know WHY?!

CoZ Ma LefTs Me OuTSiDe On's A Park Bench Ans Pappy Jus Happened Ta See It Ans Heards Me STOMP'nZ

I'm InS Da Purse He Be Hold'nZ Kick'NZ Ans StomP'nZ!

CaNs YoU BeLieve I Were LefTs All By Mesef OUTside???!

I'ms Gett'nZ ExTraMosT TLC Tnite.

SafeMosT Ans SnuGGly....sigh...

Important Ta Have's We FamilyMost PlayTime ToGethers

Boneka Kayu, LaLaLoopsy sheeplet, Ans Hulk

"Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here's"

Mozart Be Spinn'nZ So FasT In's Da Grave - His Shroudie Done Cocoon'd.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In's HonorMost O
February 19th
National Temporary Insanity Day
Jus Wets Me WhistleMosts, ans BloW
Well, Ya GoTs Da GeneralMost Idea How Ta Celebrates Now....