Friday, January 22, 2016

HaPPyMosT 2016 EverPeePs!
Been HanG'nZ Wids Me PeePs
 PLaY'nZ Wids We Little PonY
 Horse'nZ ArounD
ResT'nZ UP For Da New YeaR
Ans Help'nZ Wids Da Crafties
mmmr Mmmmph MmmmmMMM!!!
LearN'nZ TaTTinG!
Even Take'nZ Part In Da "TaTitandSee"
 By Jane Eborall Here
Baby Pearlie Be's Help'nZ Too!
Ans We Are EveN On We OwnliesT Custom Tatting Shuttles By "LaCossette"

YeP BeautyMosT Shuttles!
More Adventures Ta Come
LuV, TiGGy & Family

Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Twas Da Nite B4 Christmas Ans All Thru Da Cabin Be's BusyMosT!
 ReinDeer Be's ReadyMosT
 Rudy Save'nZ Batteries For Da BiG NiTe!

 GoTs Me ParTyMosT 
 Dance MoVes
 Ready T'RoLL!
 SanTy's GoTs We LisT
 AnS Be Head'nZ For Ya NowZ!
HaPPyMosT HoLLyDaZe EverPeePs! 
LuV, TiGGy & Family

Monday, December 7, 2015

TiGGy's Cabin 2015 Triple Lego Advent
DaY 7 City ~ TiGGy GoTs a Snow Ball Wielding Lego Kid with a Cell Phone
Baby Pearlie GoTs a Lego Friends Microphone for when she gets a SinG'nZ!
ByGBy GoTs Da Awesome Star Wars Mini Ewok Village!
LoTs O Lego JoY To All's!
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy, & Baby Pearlie Bunksies