Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TiGGy's Wild NeW Ride!

HeY ByGBy We GoTs A 
NeW FamilyMosT PeTaL CaR!
 Oh TiGGy My Love What Have You Done?!!!
 I GoTs Us Da PerfectMosT 
"Rose Royce"
Family Roadster!
 LeTs RoLL!
 TiGGy My Love, its um… its rather…um..."Pink"...
 How Do You Like the Rumble Seat 
Dear Baby Pearlie?
 Bring Baby Pearlie Up's For 
Da MaidenMosT Voyage!
 PlentyMosT RooM For 
ALL YouR PeePs Baby Pearlie!
 EverPeePs StraPPed IN's?
PeTaL To Da MeTaL!!!
 WoW HuGs Da RoaDMosT!!!
 TiGGy My Darling 
Watch OuT For Other Cars!!!
 DoEs WonDers For Ya Hairses ByGBy!!!
 Handles LiKes A DreaMMosT!
 TiGGy My Dear Is Your Boot 
Stuck On the Gas Pedal?
 No Worries ~ I GoTs Dis!
 RoaR'nZ DowN Da HighWaY O LiFE!
 Fairy BesTesT CaR EvER!
 HeLLo WhiRLD! 
Here We CoMe's!!!
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy
ans Baby Pearlie

Friday, August 22, 2014

More Of TiGGy's Travels

Catch'nZ UP Me PeePs On's We TraveLs!
Home AwaY From Home 
w/ ByGby ans Baby Pearlie 
 In's We TyGBy Travel Cabin
 LoTsa Other Dolly PeePs Were Along Too's!
 Ethel HaDs LoTs Ta SinG AbouTs As Usual...
 Made For A Nice HomeCome'nZ Every Nite
 Every DaY I HaDs LoTs O Adventures!
Da ParK In Wellsboro HaDs 
Wyken, Blynken ans NoD Ta VisiT!
 Me Hitty LuV'd ITs Too!
Visited Da Corning Glass Museum
WoN a PinKMosT FroG ans GoTs All Teary At Da BeautyMosT Movie 
"Hundred Yards Journey"
All Cuddled Up For Da Show
GoTs Me GLoW'nZ Too's!
I Visited Many TowNs 
Here Wids Da Avoca NY Train Station
Ans Did Me OwN
"American Gothic"
Wids Me Custom SPorK
Da Blacksmithy Mades Me
YePs I Be's ProudMosT O Me SPorK!
Also GoTs LoTs O Me FaVe 
"Perry's Ice CreaM!!!"
Believe IT oR NoTs DaTs a SmaLL!...
I also MeT a Very SpeZiaL Violin
A ReaLMOsT Stradivarius!!!
 A PreciousMosT 1717 Stradivarius
 YePs A Fairy FineMosT Violin!
 HoW DiD I MeeT a Stradivarius?!
 CoZ I Be's A WorldlyMosT Fairy YePs!
 Kiss Kiss BeautyMosT Stradivarius
LuV, TiGGy

Monday, August 11, 2014

More TiGGy Antique Mall Finds!

TiGGy GoTs More Antiquey Finds 
At Twin Tiers Antique Mall iN Corning NY!
 Yummies Diner Be's A PerfectMosT FiT!
 YeP PacK It Ups For Me PeePs!
 HeLLo DoLLy!
 It's ALL BouTs Da Hairses!
 Salute'nZ Da TrooPs!
 Rock'nZ Horse!
 Jus GoTTa Ride's!
 Hmmm, "Ole Sparky" 
Invented in Corning NY
HaVe's A SeaT!
 Minnie Ans Mickey Selfie YePs!
 I Jus Called Ta SaY I LuVs YoU!
 LuV, TiGGy