Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Still Be Hours Away Buts Me Tree's Be DancinZ!!!

Check Outs Me YouTube Link for LiVeMost Irene VideoZ!

***LiVeMost Hurry an CoMes Irene UpDate!***


***LiveMost Irene Update!****

Well Peeps I Gotta Tells Ya, Wids Hours Ta Go B4 Irene Axtually Hits...

It Be's Rainy, Gusty Ans Already's CrapTastic!

I Gotta Gives It Ta Me Peeps StraightMost - It's Gonna Be A LooooongMost Nite!

FF: Reportins from da studio for da peeps: Dere's lots of rains, rains and mores rains and beary windymost too! We gots heavymost downpours amongst some lightmost downpours and winds so hardmosts dat it knocks you trees down! Stay inside if yous cans. Tiggy, yous bes carefulls out dere on dat dragon! Da windysomes mights be too much for ya!

Our Peep WeatherFae ReportinZ Froms Da Studio - TANKs WeatherFae!

***LiVeMost Irene Update!*** HardMost Rains ans More WindyZ!

Dis DanGs Irene Be's SpinninZ Tornadoes So Takes Care Peeps!

Buts We BraveMost Postman Be's DeliverinZ! YAY USPS!!!

***LiveMost UpDate*** HeLLoooOOO IRENE!

Hurricane Irene CoverAge Lives From SkyChoppins DraGon!

LiVeMost ReportinZ Froms Hurricane Irene!

So Far's Some Rains...

Ans Da Windy MakinZ Da Trees Be Dancins

No Storm SurginZ Yets

Clouds Be SwirlinZ Somes

No Worries Peeps - I'ms Ons Da Jobbie!

Irene Aint's Blowin Offs Me Cappie!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pose'NZ Wids Me Glassmost Gaffer Peep Ats Da Corning Museum O Glass, ans Class!
I SAIDs GlassMost Nots GlasNost! 
Buts I Dids Go Alls Perestroika Ons Da MoltenZ!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 EarthQuakey?... I Dints Feels a Ting.


Art Glass Mades By Ma ans Pa Ats Da Corning Museum O Glass Cames Today!
Dis Means BOX OpeninZ!!!
Phaedra ans Vampfae Sageling Do Be HelpinZ!

I were Rights Dere Whens Dey Mades Dis Molten Glass!

SeriousMosts! I Were Rights DERE whens Dey Mades Dese!

Hads Ta Cool ta Keeps From SPLODInZ - so were Shipped!

I Done HuFFeds Ans Puff'ds Ans Helpsed Ma Makes Dis Pendant!
Yeps, I Picks'd Da Colors ans Offereds Moral Supports wids da 4000 Degreemost FlameThrower
I Gots Da Sperience For Dis NowZ!

Ans Da Othermost Side - BeautyMOST!

Meanwhile Guess What Pappy Mades for Ma?!
A BeautyMost FloWeR!!!

Phaedra ans VampFae Sageling Ins Da SwirlyMost Stem

Pappy Pulled's Da Petals Outs Wids a Wrench Ta Makes Its Trumpety BeautyMosts!
SwirlyMost BeautySome Colors Pappy Pick'sd For Ma

  PerfectMost Fits For's A Most Sperienced Molten Glass Gaffer Flower Fairy!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

YiPEEEEE!!! QueenMost O Da Whirld's!
Tanks Tanoy6 For Me PrettieMost New Sweater!
LuV ~ TiGGy