Monday, June 30, 2014

Fairy GooD EaT'nZ...

 EaT'nZ AwaY 
On's A BeautyMosT DaY
 WheN's SuddenMOsT
 Hear SumTinGs?
 Dis Be's ME ForesT!
 Ans I Were Jus EaT'nZ 
Me Mickey Mouse SandyWich 
Mind'nZ Me Ownliest Budness AnS….
I GoTs LoTsa ReasonZ Ya Jus DonT EaT Fairy's DaGNabiTALL's!!! 
I BE's TiGGy!
 I GoTs A Mickey Mouse SandyWich For Ya's!
 It AinTs Share'nZ Spydra
I Jus Happened Ta Haves Extra Left Overs.
YeP Tastes Jus Like Chicken!

Friday, June 27, 2014

To Bee's!
Ans LoTsa Bee's!
Visited SweeT Bee Apiary
 Ta Learn All BouTs Bee's
 From's We Local Award Winning Apiary
 HomeGrown Natural Goodies
 Times Ta HuG Steve
 Its OK I Only STinG A Lil BiTs
GoTs LoTsa Honey TreaTs
Ans Visited Da Apiary
 Jus Past Da Treeline PeePs!
 Ta GeTs ReadyMosT ~ CanTs WaiT!
For Me Incoming 
"Bee WithMe"
Tiny 9cm GLoWie Ball Jointed Doll
By Charles Stephan 
Charles Creature Cabinet
  Bee LuV PeePs ~ LuV, TiGGy

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Doretta GoTs A New Dolly
 Kinda Noisy Dolly...
Yes TiGGy it Cries and EveryThing!
 Its ReaLLy LouDMOsT!
 She even Talks - 
Said her name is "ETHEL"
Uh oH! 
It IS Ethel!
 But Doretta - 
Ethel Be's A RealMosT PeeP!!!
 I Just Love Ethel
 I Am OuTTa Here's!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gaithersburg Doll Show Adventures with Ping
 WaiT - Lemme Hold YoU PinG!
 PinG Be's Famous For AmaZing 
RealMosT Puppy Sculpts
 PinG Has WoN Many Awards For 
RealMosT Babies Too!
 PinG Can Bring Your Pictures To 3D Life
With Award Winning Portrait Sculptures
 PinG also Makes Da Cutest Fabric Arts
 I LuVs PinGArT!!!
 PinG LeT Me FeeDs Da Baby Kitties
 Ans Cuddle Too - TicKle Tickle Lil Kitty
TaNKs For A GreatMosT ShoW PinG!
I LuVs Ya DearMosT PinG

Friday, June 13, 2014

TiGGy Visits Gaithersburg Antique Doll Show June 2014

GaithersBurg Antique Doll Show!
 Miss Doretta Be Here's Visit'nZ Da Schoenhuts
 Me PaL Linda Essers O Appalachian Doll Company LuVs Doretta
 Ans O Course Me Too's!
 Linda's Ma Ethel Gaves Me A Cuddle
All Ready Ta RoLLs NoW!
 Some MagicMosT Moments w/ Da Ancestors
 WAAATs Ya LooK'nZ AT?!!!
 Jus GoTTa VisiT Da MeNs Too.
 Ans TaKe A SpiN On's Da Victrola
 Kiss A FeW Babies...
 Miss Doretta Founds A PlayPaL
 Whoa Dere Ya Cheeky Schoenhut!
 Well OKs I LuVs Ya Too's!
 Ummm….Politician Maybe?
Dance'nZ Wids Da ClownZ!
 Ok NoW BacK Ta Buidness
 I LuV Ta Visit Da Ancestors
 "How Much Be's DaT Dolly In's Da WindoW?" La Laaaaaaaa!
 Strike'nZ A Pose w/ Lenci
 All Da PinK Jus Makes Me HaPPy
 Ans Visit'nZ Da June Brides
 BeaR Wids Me Here's.
 DraG QueeN Paper Dolls - Gotta HaVes!
 HiYa Monkey PeeP!
 LoTsa Territory Ta Explore
 GooD TinGs I Found's General MacArthur!
 Ans More Shoenhuts
 I LuVs Ya SweeT Dolly
 Miss Doretta Founds She SweeTHearT
 Ans I GoTs Me MaN Too's
JaY, Ya Handsome DevilMosT!
More Gaithersburg Adventures Come'nZ!
LuV, TiGGy