Monday, December 7, 2009

Those that can be ridden or Not - BeWares!

So after I got sis all taken care of I was free to do some more explorings. Naturally I got to looking for something to ride, but for some reason there wer'nt no Dragons or Harleys at this "tiquey doll show. I did find a really great mounty goat to ride though, and we trampled thru all these shoes and had lots of fun.

I do not know why that baby up there was laughing

Jeez, I mean like some baby can ride a Mounty Goat anyhows?! Riding is some serious business.

Ok so after that I tried to ask this fuzzy thing if I could ride it. I couldnt quite understand what it was saying...

How was I sposed to know the dang thing was resin eatin?!

Afters all that I got me some comfortin from a nice soft cozy lap

She was really nice and softie and told me to just be careful of those unspecified stranger fuzzy things.
These be some vital informations I didnt realize that Dragon and Harley ridin dont get you sperienced enuff for.
But just for the record
I Not be Fearin No Clowns!!!

Exspecially since they dont be resin eatin warm fuzzy things.


  1. eek! You are really brave Tiggy because that clown is scary!

  2. Howdy LiliumHigh -Da Price Were EVENs Scarierds! Tee Hee Giggle SNORT! ~ LuV, TiGGs