Thursday, March 29, 2012

GreeT'nZ From's Georgetown University

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

Where I Be's Da Cherry Blossom QueenMosT ToDaYs

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

ComfyMosT Cherry Blossoms

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

Busy Spread'nZ Da CheeryMosT CherryMosTs

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

At's Dahlgren Chapel

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

BeautyMosT Petals EverWhere's

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

At's Healy Hall

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

Here's A Buncha For's Da PeePs!

Georgetown University, Gaston Hall

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GreaTMosT HareBringerZ O Spring - Founds Me Ownliest Volks White Rabbit In's Me Garden ToDay

Volk's White Rabbit YoSD

Ooooh - Touched By's Da Magic's!

Volk's White Rabbit YoSD

Awww, TANKs For's Da SUN Kissie!

Volk's White Rabbit YoSD

Da Tappin'S Gang In's "RoCKs Da Barbie" RunWaY ShoW!

(Tune Be's "I'Ms Too SeXy For's Me ShiRT!"

FI Strikes Da Pose!

FI SexyMosT

TaKe ItS LoLa!

Lola Ins Da BeautyMosT

Lola Work'nZ Da TaTT

FI Ans Lola

Lola Ins Da PinKs

Lola Royale

Lola Princess

FI TaKes Da Nite

FI Coquette

FI Glam

WhaddYa LooK'nZ ATs?!

AweSomeMosT Barbie RunaWaYZ Show FI Ans LoLa - HugeMosT TANKs! ~ LuV TiGGY

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SpeZialMosT OnStage Report

From Da All Mozart Program I Were Onstage Do'nZ Me DutyMosT For's LasT NiTe

Dis UnusualMosT Instrument Behinds Me Be's Da Glass Harmonica

AKA Glass Armonica, Bowl Organ or's Hydrocrystalophone - YePs!

It Were Invented's By Benjamin Franklin - after he Seens a GuY Ins He Cups...

Dis Be's A ModernMosT Armonica Based On's Franklin's OriginalMosT Design

BuTs Dis One Plugs In's Ta Turns Da Bowls

Ans You Can's See Da Water Dippin Place For's Da Fingers

Mozart Wrotes For It Which Be Why I GoTs Ta See Ans Hears Dis EtherealMosT TinGs

HoPes Ya EnjoYe'ds Dis SpezialMosT Report ~ LuV, TiGGy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TicKle TiCkLe TiCKLE....tee HEEE!

SecretDoll Person 21 "Ivanna Play", Fairyland RealPuki PoPo "LaffyBelle" -Awesome RealPuki dress and Elf shoes by Todd