Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OmG YaY Our Origami PaddleBoard CAME!!!
 We's LonG AwaiTeD Origami PaddleBoard Be's HERE!!!
 MomentousMosT TiGGy Tigglet BoX Open'nZ!
 Ans We GoTs Da Firstliest #1 "Luscious Grape" New Color!!!
 HaPPy Dance'nZ!!!
 In's PersonMosT May Be Purple....
 BuT's I Be TinK'nZ PinKMosT!
 We JuS DO LuVs We PiNKs!
 GeT's Yer Ownliest Origami PaddleBoard In's Yellow ans Green Too's!
 Fold's Right OpeNs!!!
 Ready Ta Cruise Here's!
 Tigglets GoTs Da Directions!
 LoTsa Goodie's Here!!!
 WoW EXtraMosT GooDies!!!
 TANKs Ya TiM FoR's Da SUP Leash Too's!
 OK Assumes Da ReadyMosT PositioN!
 Where's Da Champagne Bottle???...
GoTTa Smash SumTinGs!!
Well At LeasT I GoTs Da ProperMosT Stance
 Ans Technique
 Captain TiGG's Be SkillnZ!
 Me Dolly Tigglet Be's A FineMosT FigureHead Too's!
 Now GeTs Dis Vessel On's Da Water!
 C'MoN MA ~ Ya GoTs Dis!!!
DonT MaKe's Me SToMP OuTs Dere!!!
YaY MA!!!!
 BuT I StiLL GoTs Da MaidenMosT VoYaGE!
HaPPy StanD Up's Paddle'nZ PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy & Tigglet

Sunday, June 16, 2013

HaPPy Dolly PaPa's DaY!
I LuVs YoU DearMosT PaPa K
 LuV,  ~ TiGGy
It Were A DarK Ans StormyMosT DaY...
 Da CLouDs Be RumbleTumbleSome
  I Done SToMP'Ds Ans Tore DaT 'Nado!!!
 Ans BrunG On's Da SuN! ~ LuV, TiGGy

Friday, June 14, 2013

HoW's Me Schoenhut "Mr. MaN" Help'd
SaVe's Da DaY!
We WaS Travel'nZ When's SuddenMosT...
Mr. MaN WenT's OuT Ta ChecK Da DamageMosTs
YeP's FLaTMosT!
HoLeY CowMosT!!!
Mr. MaN Agreed ~ We GoTs Dis!!!
So We WenTs RighT Ta WorKs Ta FiX IT's!
I GoTs Da DoNuT!!!
Mr MaN Were Surprised At's Me MightyMosTZ!
BuT We WorK'd ITs ToGeTher's 
Wids Me Supervise'nZ, NaturalMosT.
We GoTs Dis!
We Was Pretty ShoCK'd At's Da DamageMosTs
Pretty DanGs ShreddifiedZ!
So, In's An Emergency ~ KeePs Yer Fairy HandyMosT!
LuV TiGGy & Mr. MaN