Monday, July 28, 2014

TiGGy LuVs Ta ShoP!

I LuVs Ta SHoP!!!
 C'MoN PeePs ~ ToYs BE's Us!
 Right's Dis WaY!
 STomP STomP SToMP!!!
 I WaNTs EversTinG!!!
ReTaiL Therapy RocKs!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

TiGGy Welcomes Home Charles Creature Cabinet Rasta Brownie Bailey Rose

Welcome Home Me SpeZialMosT Rasta Brownie "Bailey Rose"
 HiYa PeePs!
 We Be Play'nZ Dollies TogetherZ ToDaY
 I GoTs Me Tigglet
Ans Bailey Rose GoTs Boneka Kayu
Tigglet LuVs Ya Bailey Rose!
 I Love My New Home Here With So Many Friends TiGGy!
 YePs It's A Dolly's Life For SureMosT!
LuV, TiGGy, Tigglet, Bailey Rose 
ans Boneka Kayu

Thursday, July 17, 2014

HaPPy 5th Birthday To Fidelia Firefly Fairy Ember

SpeZiaL HaPPy 5th Birthday 
To Me PaL Ember
 I Mades Sure Ma Mades Ember A FoX
 CoZ Ember Be'nZ 5 Be's A HugeMosT BDaY!
 SaY Hi To Ember Lil FoX
 Aw Kissie!
 Sends Me LuV Across Da Pond to Me HeroMosT Firefly Fairy Ember
 Ans Alway Watch OuTs Ans Protect Ember
 CoZ Ember Be's Very SpecialMosT
 I LuVs Ya Ember
LuV TiGGy & Lil Fox

Sunday, July 13, 2014

TiGGy and the Universal Remote

Busy Wids Me IPhone
 SeT'nZ Me Universal Remote
 Well DaT WorK'd.
 GoTs Oompa Loompa WaveLengths
 LovelyMosT DaY To Ya's Oompa
 Well Ummm…
 OK Here Ya Go's
 Aw, DanGs!
 Gimme DaT RemoTe BaCK!
 She Who GoTs Da Remote ~ Rule's!
LuV, TiGGy & Oompa Loompa

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

West Side Story with TiGGy

WesT Side Story with TiGGy
 GoTTa Catch Up Me PeePs
 On's Some O Me FondMosT Memories
 Hads A WonderMosT Time
CoZ Showy Busyness Jus Do Comes NaturalMosT
GoTs Me Picture Wids Maria
 Ans Tony
 Ans Anita, Ans Da Rest O Da Cast
Afterwards I Hung Out Wids Da StageHands
 Jus Another Fairy On's Broadway...
 After EversTinG Me KPawZ PuP
 Shared All We's HappyMosT Memories
 O All Da Showy Busyness
 GossipMosTs TogetherZ
DaTs A WraP PeePs!