Friday, January 30, 2015

TiGGy & TsuKi Along Da Potomac River
 Sure Do Be's WindyZ ToDaY!
 BLoW'nZ We Hairses MightyMosT!
Sure Do Be's InVigoraTe'nZ!
 Coulds Ya Hold Me In's Da Other Arm TsuKi?
 NearMosT Comfy...
 Cept Now Yer ThumBs UPs Me BuTT.
 Ahhh Much Better TsuKi 
Ans I CaN See Da River Too's!
 Ahhh NoW Ya GoTs Da HanGs O Me!
 LuV, TiGGy ans TsuKi

Monday, January 26, 2015

TiGGy's BiG Fashion ShooT PlayDate With Charles Creature Cabinet's Filia MooN "TsuKi"
 TsuKi I'ms Gonna MaKes Ya A STaR!
 BuT TiGGy I am a MooN
 OK MoVe YeR BuTTs TsuKi
We GoTs WorK Ta DO!
FirsTMosT GoTTa ShoW Da PeePs
 Yer Lovely NeW Hairses!
AnS BeautyMosT MooN Image Eyes
OK TsuKi ~ DanCe!
 I CanTs Dance.
 DaGNaBiTs TsuKi ~ YoU Be's A Firefly Fairy CourseMosT YoU CaNs Dance!!!
 OK TiGGs Likes Dis???
YeaH TsuKi GreaT MooNWaLK!!!
 NoW Ya GoTs ITs TsuKi!
YaY ~ StriKes Da PoSE!
 AnS NoW Da Balcony Scene
 Aw BeautyMosT!!
 Ya DiDs GreaTMosT TsuKi
 TanKs Ya TiGGy
 Da PeePs LuV'd ITs!
All Da PeePs On's Da WhirldWide InterWeBs!
 ITs OK TsuKi I GoTs LoTs Ta TeacH Ya's!
 ITs A BiG Jobbie 
BuT We GoTs Dis TogetherMosT!
 Now Pose Pretty For Da PeePs TsuKi
 OK TiGGs DoNe!
Cuddle TiMe NoWZ!
YoU GoTs IT SweeT TsuKi!
 YoU Sure Do LearN FastMosT TsuKi!
 We GoTs ManyMosT AdvenTures 
ToGethers Ta Come!
I LuVs Ya TsuKi! 
I LuVs Ya Too TiGGy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

TiGGy's EpiCMosT Charles Creature Cabinet BoX OpeN'nZ
(Part 2)
Quite's A Bundle Here's
 Oh Me GoshNess A MaXi ME!
 HeLLo There PeeP!
 GreaT ReD Goggles ans WinGs!
 Aw HuGs!
 OK KiSSie Too's! SMooCH!
 She's ALIVE!
 A Genuine Filia MooN Glow In The DarK Blythe Sized Firefly Fairy!!!
 How BouTs We CaLLs Ya "Tsuki" 
It MeaNs MooN In Japanese
 MeeTs Da PeePs Tsuki!
 YePs I Always DreaM'd O A MaXi Me!
 PaPa Charles Sure GoTs 
Da MagicMosT Touch!
 Style'nZ Me Tsuki w/ Blythe Clothes
 STomPie BooTs!
 AnS Actual MooN Image Eyes!
WeLCome HoMe Me GorgeousMosT Tsuki!
GeTs YouR Filia MooN Firefly Faerie Here's!
LuV, TiGGy, Birdie BoY anS Tsuki!