Friday, July 29, 2011

YO - Me Piany Peep Adam Mades Da Cover! I Done Taughts Him EversTing...Bouts ShooTinZ!

OK, so I Dids Learn Him "Unchained Melody!"


All Sets Ats We Cabin Ins Da Mountains

Baby Pearlie LuVs Her Lil Guinea Piggie

ByGby Be Gettins Alls Romantical

HappyMost Family Time

Gots Me Policey Car Ta Helps Da Locals Law Enforcins

Ta Protects Ans Serves

Home Be's Wherever We's ToGethers

HappyMost Anniversary Ma ans Pa!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HUGEMost FireFly Fairy NEWs UPDATE!!!
Press LINK HERE's! Ta READs!!! 
Firefly Fairys CoMInZ FoRs ALLs Da PEEPs!!!
Firefly Fairys CominZ SoonMost To Jpopdolls
HuGEMost LuV ans TANKs to Charles 
ans Me Bestest Peep Grace!!!
Lets Da JOYous BeGins Peeps!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Watersides Dinin Wids Me Pappy!
Say HiYa To Da Peeps Pappy!
DaGnaBitsAlls - Dis Be's A FamilyMost Channels Pops!
DoinZ me Jobbie Here's!
Hey Looks Ats Da Pretty Boatses!

WhAAD'Ya Means "Table Manners?!"
Which Fork'ses?!
Dis cants be rights....
Knife! No Prob - I Gots Dis!
Dinner Were Wonderfuls ~ TANKs Pappy!
Ans Da Sunsets...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mystic Seer "Nyte" Foretolds
FuNs a CominZ!
Ans Look! More DaisyDayes Art Dolly Peeps Cames Ta Joins da Crew!
Welcome Homes LuLu, Samwise, ans Nyte! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Founds Me A Castle!
SqUEE DooDLe WhEEE!!!!! 
Ahhhs Da JoY's O Livin's LargeMost!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firefly Fairy Summer GiftZ Swappie From's 
Box DiVin's!


OmiGoshNess - Me Ownliest Pinocchio!

 I LoVes Pinocchio!
BeautyMost Boxie's!

DanGs, a Biter Bebe...
Hey Sis - Pagin's VampFae Sageling! Got's A Teefsome Baby For Ya's!

Awww Shuckses....sniffle...

A Wee DoLLy!

UnTyins la la la

Cooo, sweetie baby, mights even lets me other Sis Phaedra holds ya somes...

Yo ByGby A KITE!

Ans Grab Da Matches- FireWorks!

Hmmms...GiNorMous Boxie

Ans Card From's Me Peep Cricket!
Cricket's handwritins sure done Improveds...

Umbrelly's For's Da Beach!

More UnTyins la la la

OOoooH PinkMost!

It's GiRLZ Nite ByGby!


Let's RoLL Baby Pearlie!!!
TANKs Cricket!!!