Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm a very good driver.

Enroute across da Bay Bridge heading to Cape May YaaaaY!

But I Aint Obstructifying Nothin!

Until I was took!

Finally On Board da Ferry!

Why cants I drive it? It's jus spelled wrong!

I gots briefsly stuck in fishnest on da Ferry Xmas tree

I tinks it was a conspirificatiom to keeps me from driving da Ferry

Rescued at Sea.

I gots my Certifiable!

I bet dis means I gets to drive on da way backs!

My new book of da Ancestors!

Where be da Bidet Spa in dis Victorian???!

What do you Means dis be my room?!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Firstest Ever BJD MeatUp!

Dis day me an sum of my buds went to our First Ever BJD MeatUp. I tinks dey call it dis cauze dere was tons of meat people to see Eveywheres!
Big ones, small ones, old ones, teenie ones not even walkin yets! We had great seats to watch everyones as yous can see.
 Dese are all my own buddies from home cept dat girl in red who snuck in cauz she also be SoulDoll like Bohemian be, an sort of family like dat ways.
I have lots more reportings from dis meatwatch but I am tired now from all da posings so I will tells ya more in da next days.
For nows jus some family pics of us. PKF Ante Penelope, Jaime-doll Elf Winny WISTERIA , Batchix Machina Alpha AXEL, Da Bobobie Pup Beagle, SoulDoll Bohemian of Empty Room, And of course ME's which be da Entired reason for beings here - of course!   :)

Oh, here be two more of da Bohemian and dat pretty red girl.
So Oks, more reportings wid all da Interestifying BJDs I met in da upcoming Stallations- Bye!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ok so I WASNT even heres! I was off kickin some Santy butt and that dang sweetbutt glow forEsefer sis of mine gots an injury. She is goin to be ok but got sent off to the hospittle and ever since my person has been treating me like - get this - a "rare bjd" DANG! Its done been so Frustratable it done cut into my relief some of having all my clothes and toys to MeSefs Back!
But dis very understandablewise person did straighten my person out some dat I and Phaerdra be FAERY and not just some fragility species NoHows. DANG!

So anyways I figgered I be doin my part by releasin some of my Natral SuperPowers and Dressin da part. I mean after alls I Drive a Dump Truck now! In addition to Dragons, Harleys, and I have even done survivabled a soft furry creature event. So I am not no sissy, and neither is dat sis,but Dang if she didnt go get tings all complificated some heres.
I tinks she jus done didnt get out enuff and get all toughened up like Me's, so anyways I hopes she has a nice long trip and gets better sometimes next year or da later ones and meanwhile I will be stomping about evidencing my true Tiggness so's dont be spectin no lame la la la postins. I still be goin out in da world. In fact I be meeting some of my publics at da meetup tomorrowsefer. Not sure if I be grantin autograffies - I mean its a MALL - I gots Business shoppin to do!

Friday, December 25, 2009

OKs I even done let Phaedra hold my SpecialZ PineyApple!

Whadya Mean you wants Panties TOO?! Oops jus missed my Magnetmonomous window. Tries back tommorrows. I Gots a DumpTtuck to wrangle dis minute nows

Dang if Everyting done Taste Better in dese Lovlies!

I do tinks I have some resemblin da Grinch side o da families but Oks I'll be sharin BUT Not my Pinks!

Ohhh Dis is how you Knowed!

Fuuga?....Fuuga who ga?...hmmm seems familiar somehows tho...

Oh PINKs!!! I been Beggins for dese Bunny Sliipies!

How did you Know?!

Oh My Gaspies - Our Santy Presents from Midsummer and MuseStar Oh MY!

Even da Boxies be Pretties!

Dump Truck! Rocky my Romeo Ride!

Eharmony.com made us dis Perfects Match - We jus Gots All da Compatabilites Yep!

BOOM Crash Bip Bip Bop Slam BAng BANG BOOM!

Wow - I be a Naturals at Dis!

Yo Baby Rock On!

I Told Ya's I Gots Rock Star Hair!

Yo Black Addies and Us!

My very Ownliest Nutscratcher!

Yep da fronts look jus like da Hubby Lovie

Lookie! Nutscratchet Butt signed to Me's

Looks jus like Hubby One! I mean da Fronts!

Oh My Goodies!

All da Pretty Clothsies from Gloria's Secrets - WOWs TANKS!

Good Blessings Every Ones!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Firstest Visit to Santy Claws

Dis dude was very nice and droppeded me off at the North Pole today. Yep, sure did! See -

I dont tink he was a Reign deer tho, but at least he was a dear, and it was raining, So anyway it still worked.
The firstest one I met I started giving my list....
When midway thru my list after a half hour or so it occurred to me dat he didnt have no claws, no beard, and no lap neither.
There is supposed to be a lap to this Santy dude, but turns out I was wrong about there being claws, its jus a name, dat part.
So anyways Santys helper was real nice and helped me find the Real Santy Dude!
Then I had to start the Whole List Alls over Again!

When I finished my ENTIRE list he said to me "Ho Ho HO - Thats very nice you wanting all these special things for the other fairies and I will certainly work the elves extra hard to sew all these clothes and make all these wigs and toys, and I will work Especially hard to make sure that SpookyJester gets her Fuuga because I really dont want you kicking my butt - OK?!"
I told him he was square wid me if he done got on all dese tings and I told him as he has a big butt I really hope I wont have to kick it cause I just do need my feets.
So den I hugged him and we gots a nice pixture togethersome.

I did tink he looked some worried so I told him Hey Santy if Amazon can do it I sure bets you can too!
I tink dat did Courage him some.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dis new thing....

But What IS It???!

Awww Shucks, OK we can keeps it, but only cause its Pink... I do likes my pinks.