Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Sweet Homey

Well I done gots me some pets along da sides now. You can feed my fishies, and play with Mr Hambly my Hamster too. If ya click on da center of his wheelie he will run, if you click anywheres else he gets dA foods, else jus run your mouse about an he follers it. Pretty Cool!

Gettin all moved in and cozies now.

I Jus Do Like All da Amen'itys! I bets you do Too - Have Fun!


  1. Just stopped by to say hi and let you know we're following your move into blog world.


  2. Thanks Ravin - Setting this all up for mobile updating makes it a pretty fun respite amidst the running about these days. Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Tiggy, so nice to know we can keep up with your adventures even while you're on the road!! 'Cause we must have our Tiggy fix! Love you, and love your blog!!

    -gatodelsol & Lyra

    P.S. I think too many people have been feeding Hambly....he's looking a little rotund! :)