Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HaPPyMosT HalloWeeN PeePs!

 CowBoyDude ByGBy w/ Snoopy ans O Course Frankie!
 Zephyr Fidelia Be's SuperHeroMosT!
 Lil BeaN GoTs Bell's On's
Ans Phaedra Gots She Clown Baby All Dressed UPs!
 VampFae Sageling GoTs She VampBaby
 WiDs TeeFs!
 GoTs Me FBI - Faery Bureau O Investigatory GO'nZ!
PoWeR To Da PeePs!
 Baby Pearlie Ans Tigglet Be's PartyMost Wids Da Teenies!
 We ALL's Be CeleBraTe'nZ!!!
 YAY PeePs!!!
  HaVe's A CandyMosT 
 DandyMosT HalloWeeNZ!!!
~@~ LuV's TiGGy ans Da Crew ~@~

Zephyr SuPer Fidelia Ans Ofc. TiGGs TANKs Ya!!!

FBI - Fairy Bureau O InvestigationZ!

Caught's Da WaVe!
Ans Bannana SurF'd DaT FrankenStorm AwaYZ!

YaY PeePs We Survived Hurricane PsychoStorm Sandy!
Fairy Emergency Management Services
Spread Fae Dusties Ta ProTecTs Da PeePs!!!

AwesomeMost Jobbie!!!
LuV, Ofc. TiGGs, ans Tigglet
LiVeMosT RePorT'nZ On's Hurricane Sandy Tidal Flooding w/ TiGGy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Be's a HugeMosT BloW PeePs!
 Ya GoTTa Batten Down Da Hatches Ans Stay SafeMosT!
 Me Chesapeake Bay Be Churn'nZ Like Da Atlantic OceanMosT!
 BuTs We GoTs We SupplieZ ans be OK for NowZ.

 TaKes Shelter And Be SaFe PeePs!
 We Be SenD'nZ Fairy Dustie's To ALL PeePs Affected By Hurricane Sandy
Fairy Emergency Service's Agency
Will KeePs LiveMosT Updates
GO'nZ For Da PeePs!
~ Ofc. TiGGs ans Tigglet
Shop'nZ Ta Be ReadyMosT For Hurricane Sandy
 Gotta Make's SureMosT We GoTs Da Essentials 
 Good TinGs Ya GoTs Yer TurboCart Tigglet!
 BlingieMosT Nail Polish!

 BuTs I TinKs We Gotta Go Wids Da PinkMost Here's
 YeP Tigglet - FrankenStorm Dont's Mean FrankeDollie's
 Keep Up's Wids Me Here Tigglet!
 WhoA TurboGear!
 Wait Up's Tigglet!!!
 YePs I GoTs Ya NowZ!
 We Gonna Come OuT O Dis BeautyMosT
 We Can Do We Eye's, Lips, Feets....
 Hairses, Nail's, Clothes...
 YeP, It Were ALL On's Me FEMA List!
(Fairy Emergency Management Agency)
 QualityMosT Dolly Time
 Its A BiG Whirld Tigglet, But Togethers...
 We GoTs Dis!
Be SafeMost PeePs ~ LuV, TiGGy ans Tigglet

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Had's A GreatMosT DaY At's Da Great Scale Model Train Show!
 I LuV's Circus Model's!
 Dis Be's A Custom Circus Layout
 Lights Flash Ans Da Circle's Go RoundZ!
 More Circus FuNZ Come'nZ!!
VisiT Howard Zane Ans Da Great Scale Model Train Show Here's

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hmmms....WAAATs Ta Do ToDaY?...

Leaf SurF'nZ

HeY Tigglet - I GoTs Dis!

HeY Tigglet - I GoTs Dis! by DollZWize
HeY Tigglet - I GoTs Dis!, a photo by DollZWize on Flickr.

Leaf SurF'nZ

LeaF SurF'nZ Wids Me Dollie!

Leaf SurF'nZ

FeeLs Da MoVes Tigglet!

FeeLs Da MoVes Tigglet! by DollZWize
FeeLs Da MoVes Tigglet!, a photo by DollZWize on Flickr.

Leaf SurF'nZ

ExpertMosT! DonTs Try Dis ATs HoME!

Leaf SurF'nZ

Dew WoP WoWZ!

Dew WoP WoWZ! by DollZWize
Dew WoP WoWZ!, a photo by DollZWize on Flickr.

Leaf SurF'nZ