Friday, September 27, 2013

TiGGy and the Cottingley Fairys

Once Fine Day In the Cottingley Woods
TiGGy Was Hiking With Her FAEbies
 When To Her Surprise a Little Girl Was Watching
 TiGGy Marched Right Up to the Little Girl and Welcomed her to the Fae Woods
 The little girl Birdie was Very Surprised to be addressed by the Little Fairy TiGGy
 TiGGy Gave A Very LOUD Whistle To Summon Her FAEbies
At First the Little Girl Birdie Did'nt Know What to Think of All Her New Fae Friends
 But Soon all their LoUD Singing and Carrying On Rather Charmed Birdie
 And So A Magical Afternoon in the Woods
 Was EnJoyed By All

LuV,  Birdie, TiGGy and the FAEbies
WynKen, BlynKen, and NoD

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"The Parable Of The Five Glow Fairys And The Elephant"

Once Upon A Time, Five Glow Fairy's Discovered An ElephanT
 One Fairy, Feeling the Leg Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Pillar"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Tail Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Rope"
The New Fairy Thought; 
"How Can's A ElephunK Be All Dese Tings?..."
  One Fairy Who Felt The Trunk Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Tree Branch"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Ear Said; 
"An Elephant is Like a Hand Fan"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Belly Said; 
"An Elephant is Like a Wall"
 One Fairy Felt The Tusk Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Solid Pipe"
 BuT TiGGy Taught The New Fairy 
How To Ride The Elephant!
 TiGGy Said; 
"An Elephant Be's ALL Dese TiNGs 
- Ans MoRE"
 So The New Fairy Rode Off On the Elephant
 Contemplating Everything

 and Sniffing...
  HeLPs TiGGy HELP's!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Charles Stephan Firefly Fairy Fidelia Arrival PiX!

WeLCoME HoME Sister PhoEniX! 
Au Natural PhoEniX Baby Pic
 Da FaB FaE Fairy FiveMosT!!!
 LuV's Da Fairy QuinTs ~ 
TiGGy, Phaedra, VampFae Sageling, Zephyr & PhoEniX

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TiGGy DoEs The B&O Railroad Museum Yard Sale In StyleMosT!

WeLCome's To Da B&O Railroad Museum 
Yard Sale!!!
 Here In's Da BirthPlace 
O American Railroading
 Where Da Very Firstliest Tracks Were Laid
 In's AweMosT...

 B&O Railroad Museum
Inside Da Cathedral


 Me TropY's!!!

 GoTs NuTs?!...

 OfficialMosT B&O Museum MeTaL Interpretive Panel!

 Metal Interpretive Panel for 4-4-0
 # 25 "William Mason"

 YeP! A GrandMosT HauL ~ LuV, TiGGy