Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Went's Back To Da ER For's Da Follow Up's

Me Pal GnomeyK Agreed's Da Express Wait'nZ Area Were SnazzyMosTs
 But Da Bed In's Da Hallway Part Were A TaDs Daunt'nZ...
I TinKs We BesT FoLLoW's Da Light
BuTs GnomeyK Snappe'ds Me Outta DaTs.
So We Jus Hanged OuTs For Awhile...
GnomeyK Told's WonderMosT Stories Ta Pass Da Time's

 TiLL's FinalMosT We GoTs Da GreatMosT New's
 - "All TesTs HealthyMosT" YAY!!!
So We Dance'ds For JoYouS!!!

 Ans HuGG'ds Each Other CloseMosT Ins GratefullMosTs


  1. *Dances for joymost with you* GnomeyK is a good companion for long waitins.

  2. So happy you got good news!