Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Me PeeP Minette Came's Ta Party At's Da Cabin!
 Baby Pearlie Done Leapts Into Minette's Lap!
 Minette's GoTs SweeT Cotton CandyMosT Hairses
by Mnmimi on Flickr
(I Jus Tried A Bits When's Minette Passed By....WAAATs?!)
 I Were SoreMosT Ta Tries More... I Do Like Me PinKs.
 Minette's Also GoTs SparkleMosT Eyes 
Ans Baby Pearlie EnJoY'ds Da Tick'leMosTs!
 Good's TinG I Were All Dressed Up's
 CoZ Minette Sure Do Be Eye CandyMosT
 YeP's Even ByGBy Saids So!
 VampFae Sageling, Zephyr, ans Phaedra Show'ds They Furby's
 Ans A GreaTMosT Party Were HaDs By ALL!
TanKs For's Da AwesomeMosT Visit Minette!!!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like seeing all these dolls. The baby is very cute. Nice room. We keep in touch.