Friday, January 25, 2013

TiGGy's Box Opening Review Of Medicom Madoka Kaname Magica Real Action Hero!

Madoka Arrived From Ami Ami !!!!
 Lovely Note from Ami Ami
 Beautiful Packaging!
  Truly Splendid Presentation!
 Lovely Box Art
This is a box you are going to want to keep!
             So Many Accessories!!!
 TiGGy's been Bursting With Excitement for her Arrival!
 Main faceplate
 Concerned Faceplate
 Determined Faceplate
 Kubey seated
 Kubey with extra body for holding
 Madoka's resin bow, staff and arrows
 Tiggy Leapt in for a WelCome Home HuG!
 Madoka with her Original Max Factory Figma self
 TiGGy's sisters already love their Figma Madoka
 And Now Madoka Medicom Out of the BoX!
Out of the box Madoka is sturdy, and super poseable. Her limbs feel like fine resin material, and are smooth and creamy to the touch. The faceplates and limbs all fit solidly. There are joints in her hair which can twirl. Madoka's arms are ball jointed. Her body is soft rubber over a spine like armature which goes all the way up through her neck which creates very lifelike poses. All of her joints work really smoothly, both the hinged joints and the ball joints. Her legs have additional joints at the thigh for mobility and above her ankles, which makes clothing removal and redressing quite easy. Her main costume is a pink bodysuit which can be worn alone or with other clothes. Madoka's skirt has many tulle layers and snaps invisibly to her tulle undies, and all is easily removable, making for a very adaptable fun doll.
 TiGGy Gives Her Medicom Madoka A Triple AAA SToMP of ApprovalMosT!!! 

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