Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boston Firefly Fairy PartyMost w/ Me PeePs, RiverMysty's: Crew Emmie ans Opal Anne, ans Mimi's Lil Orly

It Were Mimi's BDaY So Enroute I GoTs Her a LuV Penny!
Rest Stop's Do Be DistractiFy'nZ!
I GoTs Pa A Choco FootBall Too's
 Which ApparentMost Looked Better Than It Tasted's...
Lasts Longer Dis Way AnyHows!
We HaD's No Problem Find'nZ Da Right House.
I Felts At HoMe Right Away's!
 Ya Jus GoTTa LuV FeistyMost Fae!
Ans Da MeeTUp's Began!
VampFae Sageling, TiGGy, Emmie, Opal Anne & Phaedra
All Dressed Up In's We FineMosTs!
Emmie Ans Opal Anne DO Be's Da Hostesssss Wids Da MosTesTs!
 Wait'nZ for Mimi ans Orly - I Jus HaDs Ta Explore a BiTs
 BeautyMosT On's Da Concord River
 I LuV'd ITs!
 Dis Be Live'nZ!
 Knock Knock Lil Birdies
 I GoTs TreaTs!
Finally Mimi ans Orly CaMES!
Ethel LeD's Da BDay SinG'nZ!
(YePs We GoTs Video!)
I Picked OuTs Da Cake SpeZialMosT
 WAAATs - Mimi GoTs Dietary Restrictify'nZ!
Ans Orly GoTs Prezzies For Mimi's BDay
Orly, Phaedra, VampFae Sageling ans Opal Anne
 Emmie, Zephyr, ans Me
 Emmie Ans Zephyr
 VampFae Sageling Ans Opal Anne
  Ya Coulds Jus See How Spezial Orly Felts
Orly LuV'ds She New Furby
Ans We All's GoTs Ta Dance'nZ
 Da Faery FooTLoose!
Mimi's Firstliest BDay ParTy Done Been Da BesTesT EverZ!!!


  1. Hello from Spain, well done. The pictur es are very nice. Many beautiful dolls. Dancing is very original. Keep in touch

    1. We LuV's Ta Dance! Ans We LuVs YoU Marta!

  2. kisskisskisskissykiss


    1. Kissy Kissy Missed Ya HugeMosTs!!! LuV, TiGGy