Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AweSomeMosT Kitty Ear's
For Me Dolly PeePs
By LeopardessMoon
Firstly Tilda Sport'nZ Da Kitty Ears
They Do Look LovelyMosT On Tilda
Then Kaye Wiggs SunKissed Tobi GoTs Ta Try Da BeautyMosT Kitty Ear's

 Which Drew Frankie For Some CuddleMosts

 WowZ, They NearMosT GoTs Da SameMosT Eyes Too's!
 SuddenMosT Ethel Nabb'ds Da Pinks!
Ans HaDs Ta Tell Frankie All BouTs It!
 Which NaturalMost Led Ta SinG'nZ
 Ans To A GranDMosT Finale!
Lastly A HuGs
Ans Kissie For Frankie
Thank YoU LeopardessMoon!
Get Custom Resin Ears for your Dollies!


  1. Oooo, you gotz my girlz eyeballing those kitty earses! Deys talkin about black ones like their onliest kitties!

    1. Oh ya Gotta get some, these are sooo fun and so well made, and I am just using metal hair clips so they are easily adaptable and stay on so well - even with all of Ethels dancing LOL!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like these pictures of dolls and pets. Very cute. Keep in touch