Monday, January 14, 2013

Ethel & Frankie in;

(By PneumaDragonfly)
I'm a fae and you're a cat,
what does the world have to say about that?
They say I'm flighty and you're just furry,
but after all we should not worry...
because we are pals,
Friends through thick and thin.
We are pals,
Magical buddies and fuzzy kin.
I'm a fae and you're a cat,
what does the world have to say about that?
They say I have wings and you have a tail,
what others think, well, only our thoughts shall prevail...
because we are chums,
Companions til the end.
We are chums,
Besties that transcend.
I'm a fae and you're a cat,
what does the world have to say about that?
They say I sing loud and you purr free,
it doesn't matter what the world thinks about you and me...
because we are cohorts,
Colleagues forevermore.
We are cohorts,
Companions from shore to shore.
So every hour it is the same.
We are the best of friends-- no matter what others claim.
I love you and you love me,
magic furry friendship for the world to see.
No matter what that world may say,
It is you and me united every day!
We'll sing it loud and sing it clear:
Bestest friends forever, dear!
So I am magic and you are mysterious
and although the world may think it is curious,
We are pals always!
We are chums always!
We are cohorts forever and day,
Yes, always,
you and me!

(Poem By PneumaDragonFly
Ethel couldn't help singing it w/ Frankie)


  1. OMG!! That's hysterical! Poor Frankie even tried to shut her up, but Ethel is determined to sing loud and clear!! Frankie's thinking "Where's that pacifier thingy?"

  2. ROTFL!!! Too True - TiGGs was supposed to race in and quell Ethel w/ her bottle, but TiGGs was Too GiggleMosTs!

  3. WONDERFUL! Such a patient kitty. And such a loud Ethel! Hee! <3

  4. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like the Cat picture covering the mouth of the girl ... WOW, wow ... Keep in touch

  5. HEY, with her namesake,Frankie should be the one singing!
    oh wait, I guess Ethel has a namesake, too pfffffft
    Frankie is an angelpuss =^^=


  6. YaY AnonyPeeP Ya Mades ITs!!! and you also Made Ethel's day - YePPers she Does have a namesake who is probably rolling in her grave, or joining in as what can one do with Ethel but join in?! Believe me Frankie was vocal about the whole thing ROTFL!

    Charlie Me LuV! Yes, a Very Patient Kitty indeed - TiGGs figured you probably just might be able to hear Ethel all the waaaaay over there - Thanks for Hopping in!!!

    Marta - LOL! That pic of Frankie covering Ethels mouth just made the Whole photo shoot Have to Happen LOL!!!! TiGGs got such a Hoot outta it, it just had to be on her bloggie!

    Thanks so Much for Enjoying Ethel and Frankie PeePs!!!

  7. Frankie tapped the volume control, but Ethel just got louder! LOL Loved it.