Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jus a nice afternoon snugglie wids me ByGby...


  1. hi,thanks for your kind words.I also love your blog and your doll is very nice,each visit is a moment of joy for me you're special.hugs

  2. Hi Tiggy! It's me, Nilla. Just how longsmost are you and BiGbys gonna laze around like datz? You gotz ta tell me whatz goin on around dere. Is ya sick or sumpin? Are ya too buzymost fixin tings for ya mommy? I guess ya gotz dat bigmost healin crystal fired up, huh? Hows da Bippy? He's beary cutemost ans I likes him. Gib Bippy and you mommy a bigmost huggy for mes, ok?
    Beary big hugs from me, Nilla!