Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thumbs up BJDs Hit the Gaithersburg Antique Doll Show - and get Dollies! 

Anima ans me decideds to crash da Antique dollies show

We was Stylin!

posin wids me Dal peeps

Playeds some Banjo!

Howdy Doody!
Howdy Tiggy!

Ahhh Spa Break!

You Wants $175. ans it Aints gots no Bidet Swiimin Pool?!!!

I'ms gonna rubs me dub dubs elsewheres! DANGS!
- an Suddensly I Seen IT!
Me Perfect Dolly!

Me New Friendses Celebratin Me Very Owns Peg Wooden Dolly!

We Gots Anima a new Dollheart Outfits ans a 'Tiquey Dollie Toos!

Posin Wids we's Dollies!
Ans we Evens Gots Bygby his very ownliest Wooden Train!

So We Alls Played Outsides Togethers!

See me dollies all jointed!

Anima Loves her Dollie ans new Cutie Outfit!

She were Posin!!!

Ans dens Bygby ans me Playeds Inside Togethers alls evenin!

It Were a GreatMost Day!

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