Tuesday, June 29, 2010

 Da Carvins of a Bitty Hitty
Me Ma done carved and finished dis dolly today. (She putted it off for a year!) I finally STOMPED an saids I Wanna See Dis Ting! 
Here be da In Process Pics;
First she done finished carvin its wids me doin da Advisory on her shoulder. (Yeps, we gots da same hairs!)
Tnites she done da paintin 
 (ans carvin da paint splotchies aways!)
Den da stainin, ans hangins to dry - here be da gams,
Ans da head, ans body toos;

 These were upsides downs, but I rotationed em for ya lookins;
 Ans Here be Introducin Bitty Hitty!

If Ya Gots Ideas For Names for Bitty Hitty PLZ offer in da commentary! TANKS!!! 

To Learns More Visit Hitty.org ans you cans be makins your own dollies toos!!!


  1. Thank you so Much Lani - you have inspired me so very much. Tiggy thinks she is pretty Kickin too LOL! TANKS!!!