Sunday, June 27, 2010

I jus do Gots da Bestest Jobbies!
Here I be watchin me new charge Bippy, he be a jus borned baby Ferret

He be needsin lots of Propers Surveilin ans Supervisory.
Times to drives over for a closer lookins

Yo Bippy!

Yup its Me Officer Tiggs!

Jus Checkins da Perimeter Heres!

Yep, its All Clears - Wanna Play?!

Its Ok - Comes ans gives a Kissy Bippy!

Yeps, a lil closer Bipps!

Tee Hee Hee Giggle SNORT!!!
Awww Tanks Bippy!

You Be a Greatmost Baby Ferret!

You Cans Rest Nows Bippy, Im's Lookins Out For Ya's!

An's me Bippy Be Knowin Him's Safe's wids Me on da Jobbie!


  1. Aww welcome to the world sweet little Bippy!

  2. Tanks Tilly Moon! - He Do Bes Sooo Teeny - so Keeps sendins your Bestest potions to helps Bippy be Growin!
    TANKs! Luv, Tiggs

  3. Tiggy! what a wonderful new friend!
    I also want you to know that I haven't forgotten about your doll but will start it asap! It's been crazy at home and work lately.
    Have fun with your ferret! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oooooohhh so lovely!!!!!! I loved them... so nice.

  5. Thank you Duendes - Tiggy does Love her Jobbies LOL!!! And Little Bippy sure is a cutie - Thanks so much for visiting!!!! Tiggy sez TANKS!!!

  6. Yaay Papillion Bleu!!! No Rush but Tickled to hear from you! Tiggy is Most Excited about her debut as a dolly (yep, she still doesnt realize LOL!!!)
    Tiggy sez WAAAAAAAATTTTS?!!!!!!