Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Bads Fae, Bads Fae - Waatcha Gonna Do's when I's Comes For Ya? 
La La La La, La La La La La......
La La La, La La...."
Yer ALLs Goins Ta Me Jail NOWS!
Keeps Yer Handses Ups! 
Tommorrows Ya Cans Makes New Shippin Notices 
Wids Chucky!
Ya Do's Da Crime ~ Ya Do's Da Time!

Alls in a Days Workins!
(Parts 1 Belows)


  1. Captain Tiggs! Deputy Nilla here. Great job rounsen up da unnerdiserables. Looks likes ones stoned froms smokins da weedses. Don knows why anyones wud wants ta smoke dandy's lions. Ya eber smell dim tings? Des stinkerooooo! Dons smell likes flobers at alll! An dat oder girlie looks likes a bigmost toublesomemaker. Is her yellin' at you? Hers idnt callin ya a pig is her? Ya wonts me to gags hers wid a spoonsie? I kin be tuffsnstuff when Ise has to be! Just lets me knows, Captain Tiggsy! I be heres ta backs ya up!

  2. Nilla You Do Be's HeresBy OFFICIOUSLY DeputiZed In Me Precinct 53 POLICE Station!

    I can's even put Ya's on me roof rack wheh we's gets da donuts!!!

    TANKs da Backs Up ans For EnJoyin Me Bloggie Reports'n!!!! - Luv, TiGGy!

  3. Pssssssssst! Hey Tiggy...don't forget to check our contest result...

  4. Oh WOWs!!! TANKS!!! I AMs Celebratins On Me Bloggie ans Mom will contacts you via your Etsy?

    I LOVEs Alienore!!! ~ HUGZ! TANKS!!!~ TiGGy!!!