Friday, May 14, 2010

Our New Weddings Prezzie from Creaturesmith and Egg!
Alls da way from da Phillipines!
Its Our Royal TravelMost Togethersome Carrier!
Its Even Gots Our Names'es
Da Petals Opens An Here's We Be's!!!

Bygbys Eyes Evens Gots All Starry Blue Wids Happiness!!!

We Rides In Comfortness!
We Gets To Go EverysWhere Togethersome!

Holdin Eachsomes Handses!

Life Be's Rosey!

TANKs Creaturesmith an Egg - Love TiGGY ans ByGby


  1. Your most welcome, TIggy and ByGby. We're happy you can be together now.


  2. Never seen a travel carrier so beautiful like this one. Creaturesmith is awsome.