Tuesday, May 18, 2010

(jus firmin ups me resolves...)


  1. Tiggy, it's me, Nilla. What you fixen to do? You gonna ride sumtin bigger than that Nastydon that bucks you off? Is you cwazy? Don't Bunksys want to grow olds wid you? BUNKSSSSYYYY!!! You gots ta stop her for she gits stomped n smoooshed by the bigest stompinest smooosher in da hole wide world!! *sigh*
    Tiggy, can I watch you gets stompered?

  2. Tee Hee Hee Giggle SNORT! Its jus me Timeouts shell - No Stompins Zone!

    I'ms busymost tills after next mondays - den PLAYTIME an nots all dese Jobbies!

    You sounds LIke FunMost Nilla!!!

  3. Oh! *phew!* Does ya hears da ocean in dere? I guess it's a beary goodly contemplative place, dat shell, huh? I donst has a place like dat. I'se surrounded by dollies an other bears all over da place. Yakkin all da time. Drives me cwazy! Ifn I wants quiet, i'se gotsa put my pilla ober my head! Well, I gotsa go help my mommy wid her breadfast so's I kin gets some too!

  4. Yeps! I cans hear da ocean in me timey outs shell ans it be's a refugeplace, evens if I jus do gets sents dere when's I be swearin wids nots me Pinkie - Tee Hee Giggle SNORT!