I were jus tryin to be neighborly and makes her head Splode.....an umm, then we made tea...

Velll, My Neck is a Tad Sore, but Nothzing a leetle rest cant cure...

Ahh that Vile Puerile Creature....what iz a PERSON to do?!

Vell I will Cozy Up in my Cottage an Zats Zat.

Ahhh Peace and Quiet....

(Meanwhile Back at the Cabin...)
TIGGY Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat Happened??!!!
I were jus makins tea wids IVanny ans....

We gots intos a discussatory ans I jus wantsted to see if I coulds makes her head Splode...

BUT TIGGY! You KNOW You Cant Cook!

Well She Dont Know Dat!

Come, Let me get you into bed!
Cans I Haves Me Hitty Dollie?
Yes of Course!
TANKS Me Prince!

No More Cooking with Ivanna OK?!
But I KNOWs I can make dat Big Ole Head SPLODE!
Well, not tonight Tiggs, Tonight lets just take care of your precious head OK?!

Awww Shuckses! OKs, I LOves You ByGby!
I Love you too my wild little bride