Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diamonds are a Dolls Bestmost Friends! Va Va Va VOOM!!!!

 Due To PopularMost Demand;

An EXTra SpecialMost Treat Guest Bloggie By TAPPINDOLL

ans Starring   AlCinDer as Marilyn Monroe

 TappinDoll Introduces;
And now because Alicinder was grumpy about not getting to be a star in the "Not ready for Crime Time Players" performance... here she is in her first ever starring role.... (Please play the link below for background music for the Full Experience) (Open player, and reopen this page in another tab to listen while viewing)


  1. What a wonderful scene you provided for us all!
    Thanks for following me!
    Pattee : )

  2. Tiggy just Loves the realms and wonders you create so its an utter pleasure and inspiration! Thank You!

    This episode of Tiggys bloggie was a guest episode by her talented friend and Peep - Tappindoll, and her Firefly Fairy Alcinder - What a Wonderous Tribute to Marilyn Monroe!

    Stay tuned, Tiggy and her Peeps are Always up to Sumthin!
    Tiggy sez TANKS!