Friday, September 6, 2013

TiGGy's Raggely Raggedy Ann Fairy "Figgi" by Rose B.B.Flockling CAME!!!

Oh FraBJouS JoY!!!
  Me SpeZialMosT Package
 From Rose BBFlockling CAMEs!!!
 FiGGi Be's HeRE!!!
 DanGsMosT I Be's ExCiTeD's!
Awww Rose I LuVs Ya Too's ~ Sniff...
 BoX Dive'nZ!
 Wow ~ Fairy Dusties!
 Awww, HuG SweeT Figgi!
 I Be Free'nZ Ya Figgi
 YePs Ya Made's It SafeMosT Figgi!
 HoMECome'nZ Dance!
 MoRE JoYoUS Dance'nZ!
 Here's Ta ManyMosT AdVenTure's ToGeTher'Z!
 BesTesT Friends ForEverZ!
We TANKs Ya Rose 
LuV, TiGGy & Figgi


  1. Epic most!!!!! What a beautiful new friend TiGGy has!'

    1. Isnt she Lovely? TiGGy has been having LoTs more adventures with her, so Stay Posted - They are a DynamicMosT Duo!

  2. Oh, how adorable! I love her name too! So sweet! Congrats Tiggy!

    1. Thank you So Very Much Dear Bama - It was a Magical experience and TiGGy was Thrilled to share it with YoU! Figgi came with that Great name - sooo Perfect for her and TiGGs!

  3. Figgi gets to live in THE BEST home in the doll world!! I could not be more pleased and honored...sending hugs and kisses to all in her new family!!!

    1. Oh WoW Thank YoU Rose for Creating Beautiful Figgi - She is Truly Adored, and TiGGy and her have been busy RomPing on Far More Adventures than I have had a chance to post yet - so Stay TunedMosT - TiGGy and Figgi are SpeZialMosT Togethers - Thank YoU for Sharing your Magic with Us!!! - HuGs and LuV, TiGGy and Dear Figgi :D

  4. Hi Tiggy! A gorgeous new friend for you, and one whose name rhymes with yours!! I can see a lot of word play on the horizon!! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. YuP HairyPeeP - TiGGy and Figgi - Too PerfectMosT!!! - and they are Indeed having a Field Day out Rhyming Each Other LOL!!!! :D