Sunday, September 15, 2013

"The Parable Of The Five Glow Fairys And The Elephant"

Once Upon A Time, Five Glow Fairy's Discovered An ElephanT
 One Fairy, Feeling the Leg Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Pillar"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Tail Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Rope"
The New Fairy Thought; 
"How Can's A ElephunK Be All Dese Tings?..."
  One Fairy Who Felt The Trunk Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Tree Branch"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Ear Said; 
"An Elephant is Like a Hand Fan"
 One Fairy Who Felt The Belly Said; 
"An Elephant is Like a Wall"
 One Fairy Felt The Tusk Said; 
"An Elephant Is Like a Solid Pipe"
 BuT TiGGy Taught The New Fairy 
How To Ride The Elephant!
 TiGGy Said; 
"An Elephant Be's ALL Dese TiNGs 
- Ans MoRE"
 So The New Fairy Rode Off On the Elephant
 Contemplating Everything

 and Sniffing...
  HeLPs TiGGy HELP's!!!


  1. Ha ha ha! The ending was rather a surprise! You certainly have some cute fairies!

    1. Thank You Serenata - TiGGy thought up that ending as a way to initiate PhoEniX into the crew - TiGGy, never can leave a good story without an unexpected twist LOL! TiGGs and Crew Sends LuV!

  2. LOL! Very cute story! And a wonderful elephant too! Is this the larger Schoenhut elephant? He looks older than mine. Does he have glass eyes? He is in such nice condition.

    Mine is missing the tip of the trunk & his tail and has the painted eyes. He's only 6 inches long and 5 inches high. Your's looks bigger. :o)

    1. LOL Bama - It was entirely your inspiration that suddenly had me grab the elephant on the way out the door for a photoshoot - I hadnt even thought of the old Indian parable about the 6 blind men and the Elephant till later - and that ending was just an utterly unexpected lucky find after I had packed up the fae - Had to Laugh myself - PhoEniX does look so Shocked LOL!!!

      Yes it is the full size glass eyed- it was just a super lucky buy it now at $35. dollars - Gotta believe in the Fae magic! I just happened to be looking because TiGGy wanted an elephant to go with her jester outfit, so I was just sooo hoping when it showed up that it really would be large. It just goes to show you never know what can pop up.

      But I Really loved how perfectly in scale your elephant is with your Schoenhut girls so I just think they are adorable at all sizes - and your adorable story totally inspired this story - TiGGs is GratefulMosT for Da InspirationZ! HuGs ans LuV, TiGGy

  3. That gave me a big laugh! ☺ I guess Tiggy forgot to mention the down side of elephants! Great story! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. YuP Brain - TiGGy did say there was "MORE" to an elephant - just not specifically what that exactly was LOL! ;)
      HuGs and LuV from TiGGy and Crew!

  4. The mighty elephant! (The end made me giggle too!)

    1. Awww Isabelle - TiGGy LuVs your Giggle - and Welcomes you for an Elephant ride anytime - she Promises you can just ride LOL!!! HuGs an LuV, TiGGy