Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TiGGy DoEs The B&O Railroad Museum Yard Sale In StyleMosT!

WeLCome's To Da B&O Railroad Museum 
Yard Sale!!!
 Here In's Da BirthPlace 
O American Railroading
 Where Da Very Firstliest Tracks Were Laid
 In's AweMosT...

 B&O Railroad Museum
Inside Da Cathedral


 Me TropY's!!!

 GoTs NuTs?!...

 OfficialMosT B&O Museum MeTaL Interpretive Panel!

 Metal Interpretive Panel for 4-4-0
 # 25 "William Mason"

 YeP! A GrandMosT HauL ~ LuV, TiGGy


  1. Wow! Tiggy, you could shop circles around me! What a nice haul of goodies you got there! Love the museum and the cathedral! What an awesome sight!

    1. Thank You Dear Bama - TiGGy Truly had a Blast roaming the Roundhouse and Snagging everything that wasnt bolted down....hmmm, that may be why TiGGs HaD to have that Giant Wrench??! LOL!!! :D

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun!
    Do you know how to tell if a train recently went by? Look for fresh tracks!!
    What a haul you got! May need a little help with that huge wrench.

    1. Tee Hee Giggle SNoRT AnonyPeeP - DaT Were FreshMosT!!! - No Worries BouTs Me Wrench - I GoTs Dis! LuV, TiGGs

  3. You do know how to shop Tiggy! Lots of great finds. Looks like it was a beautiful day with blue skies! Great photos!

    1. Thank YoU Dear Isabelle - TiGGy had some MaJoR MoJo going to get such Spectacular Weather - AND when we arrived they told us "Everything has already been sold"!!! We stood in line anyway, and Wow TiGGs worked her Magic and they just started bringing out this Awesome stuff like that actual B&O Museum metal Interpretive Panel - That was Indeed the Prize Haul - and I just gotta hand it all to TiGGy Magic!

  4. Hi Tiggy! That is a HUGE roundhouse! You must have spent a lot of money there. You've got a wide variety of stuff, what are you planning on doing?? Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Isnt it an AmAZing Place Brian?! Its Truly a Cathedral of a Roundhouse, and Quite a Haul given they told us everything was already Gone when we arrived! TiGGy Magic Indeed - Apparently they just werent expecting such crowds so started just bringing out more and more Awesome stuff - The Locomotive #25 has been in alot of movies, so to have the Actual Museum Metal Interpretive panel is Truly the CooLest thing - as to all the rest - Heavens KnoWs TiGGy Has Ideas! - Should have seen her Proudly dragging that Giant Wrench through the parkinglot to the car :D