Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RoyalMost Mail!!!

A FabMosT Package From's We PeeP Hairy CaveMan!!!
Alls Da WaY FroMs EngLanD!
Where's DaT OTHER QueeN Be's
ExpertMosT At Work Here's!
BoX Dive'nZ!
OmiGosHNess PreZZies For EverPeePs!
ByGBy LuVs He Ownliest CannibaL!
Ans Baby Pearlie WiDs A SailorPeeP!
Harry Potter anS A Golden Minifig PeeP Jus She Size
Ans A BeautyMost Explorer Dolly For Me!
WAAATs Bird?!....
AbsoFabMosT PreZZies For ALLs!!!
TANKs Ya HairyCaveman!!!
LooK HoW HaPPy Ya Mades Baby Pearlie!
TANKs Ya HugeMosT HairyPeeP!
Ya MaDEs We FamilyMosT DaY!
TANKs Ya KindMosT HairyCaveman
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy ans Baby Pearlie


  1. Wonderful! It's so sweet when Baby Pearlie gets tiny little goodies too...she's the sweetest! I had to laugh at the "BoX Dive'nZ!" LOL! That was awesome! :D

    1. TANks Ya KindMosT Tiny Tes - We LuVs BoX Dive'nZ! HairyCaveman sent that teeny golden minifig statue for Baby Pearlie and included all sorts of great prezzies for the gang. TiGGs knew it was going to be a doozy when the box arrived "with that other queen on it" LOL!!! Isnt Baby Pearlie the Cutest with her very Ownliest Minifig now - TiGGs is ThrilledMosT! TANKs For EnJoY'nZ We PartY!!!! - LuV, TiGGy

  2. I'm glad they got there safe and sound Tiggy! I really get a good perspective of everybody's size from these pictures, I didn't realize how tiny Baby Pearlie is! I think Box Diving should become the next Olympic sport, those pictures really made me laugh! Kind regards, Brain.

    1. Awww Brian, you Really outdid yourself on this. TiGGs knew when that box arrived that she needed to do a Full OuTs SpeZialMosT Open'nZ and each of them couldnt be more delighted! ByGBy has always yearned for a cannibal, (not sure why, not asking...) that canoe is So COOL!!! They are going to have loads of fun with that on the beach this summer! TiGGy has been busy planning explorations with her little explorer mini fig dolly, and that Harry Potter RoCKs! We didnt have anything like that, so serious and intent on spell casting - and from ENGLAND - The Home of Harry PotterNess!

      Baby Pearlie is Especially thrilled, she has been wanting that little golden minifig just her very own size, and hasnt stopped cuddling and cooing to it. Thank you so Very Dearly for sending such wonderful gifts to TiGGy and her Family - They are All DeePLy GratefulMosTs - LuV and SpeZialMosT Fairy Dusties to you and Yours - LuV, TiGGs

  3. Oh, how fun Tiggy! Lots of lovely gifts for everyone. Baby Pearlie looks so happy, I love her! Have fun, from Isabelle.

    1. Isabelle - Thank you so Very Much for your visit and comment, and for so enjoying the happiness of Baby Pearlie and TiGGs family. TiGGy is OverJoYed You EnJoyed and Hopes you Come Back Ta Share Da Adventures! LuV, TiGGy and Family