Friday, June 14, 2013

HoW's Me Schoenhut "Mr. MaN" Help'd
SaVe's Da DaY!
We WaS Travel'nZ When's SuddenMosT...
Mr. MaN WenT's OuT Ta ChecK Da DamageMosTs
YeP's FLaTMosT!
HoLeY CowMosT!!!
Mr. MaN Agreed ~ We GoTs Dis!!!
So We WenTs RighT Ta WorKs Ta FiX IT's!
I GoTs Da DoNuT!!!
Mr MaN Were Surprised At's Me MightyMosTZ!
BuT We WorK'd ITs ToGeTher's 
Wids Me Supervise'nZ, NaturalMosT.
We GoTs Dis!
We Was Pretty ShoCK'd At's Da DamageMosTs
Pretty DanGs ShreddifiedZ!
So, In's An Emergency ~ KeePs Yer Fairy HandyMosT!
LuV TiGGy & Mr. MaN


  1. That is certainly a lot of damage indeed!

    Have to say I am very envious of your Mr MaN! He is wonderful.

    1. We were Really Lucky, had just made it over the final bridge near home and were able to pull safely off to the side of the highway. I do believe there is Quite a bit of Guardian Angel in our little TiGGs.

      It was originally a photo spread in a Time/Life book with an 1890's mannequin that sparked my interest in dolls, I got busy googling "wood jointed figure" and happened upon Hitty's and that led to my interest in Ellis dolls and Schoenhuts. Because it was a highly detailed mannequin that had initially sparked my interest, the Schoenhut Manikin became my grail search. I never expected to find one outside of a museum - TiGGs and I did get to see the one at the Strong Museum, so I pretty much Freaked when I saw this one. The seller didnt know what he was, so I was Extremely Lucky! Of all the ones I have seen, I have never seen one I loved as dearly as this one, so I still cant believe he is here. Although some sort of gesso overlay has been put on him, the mustache and hair is original, so he was molded by the factory to have a mustache, and I am guessing must have been a store display in the very early 1900's - somewhere between 1914-1918, possibly a Charlie Chaplin display, or some other dapper star of that era. He is in really magnificent shape, and his eyes are carved intaglio and absolutely spellbinding in person.

      You will be seeing alot more of him as I get him his own proper clothing, and take some true portrait pictures of him, right now he is so new to me that I just happened to be traveling with him, and couldnt resist having some fun with the wait to have the tire fixed - Naturally TiGGy had to leap in and Supervise!

      Thanks so Much for loving him too, he is such a marvel with the ball jointed waist joint, so capable of so many poses and his smile and look is so serene and handsome. TiGGy sure KnoWs how to bring out Da MeNs! I couldnt think of a name that somehow encompassed all he is to me, so he became Mr MaN, and this way he will be able to be Chaplin, and all sorts of other roles and characters.

      YeP TiGGs adores him, and they will be having many Adventures together! Thanks so Much - TiGGy and Mr MaN send LuV!

  2. Ohhh que lindos formam uma bonita dupla ...Tiggy voce é formidavel.

  3. Ohhh que lindos formam uma bonita dupla ...Tiggy voce é formidavel.

  4. Hello from Spain: Mr MAN is adorable. What problem wheel puncture. Luckily Tiggy and the police may fix this problem. Nice collection of dolls. Keep in touch

  5. Oh Wow Tiggy! That looks like a very nasty blowout! You must have traveled on for a while after it went flat to shred the tire wall like that! At least you had Mr. Man to help out, changing it must have been a doddle!! Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Wow! That tire was completely shredded! What were you doing? Trying out for NASCAR? Oh my, I am glad everyone was okay! How lucky you and Mr Man could fix it!
    Love Isabelle