Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Miss Penelope Schoenhut & TiGGy's
Gaithersburg Antique Doll Show Adventures
HeYa PeePs!
 Firstliest We GoTs Miss Penelope BeautyMosT New Hairses
 I PicK'd Em's MeSeF 
Be'nZ Ans ExpertMosT In's Da Hairses.
 Miss Penelope Jus CanT's Stop Smile'nZ
 No ReaLLY!
Dis Lil Raggedy Ann Ans Da Mason Taylor Like 
Turn'nZ Head China Dolly Strucks Me FancyMosT
 So I Said's Come On's Homies!
We GoTs We Unis France 60 Restrung Too's
 We NeeDs A Name For Her...Any Idea's PeePs?
 She GoTs PrettyMosT New Shoe's Too
She Do Be's RadiantMosT NowZ!
We Really NeeDs A Name For Lil Petal
Ans Remember Sailor PeeP?
Well She Sure Did Clean Up's GooD!
RosaLee GoTs a New WiG Too's 
Ans We All Be's GlamFabulousMosT ToGeTherZ!
PartyMosT TimeZ!
LuV, TiGGy ans Me Dolly PeePs


  1. Oh my goodness TiGGy, I am most envious of your time at the Doll Show AND you bringing home new friends, who are most wonderful indeed!

    1. Dear Serenata - Thanks so Much for your visit - Gaithersburg Antique Doll Show is 4 times a year, the largest show being the December one, which I believe this year is on December 1st, its well worth a pilgrimage and TiGGy would soooo Love to meet you and your lovelies. There are tons of waaaay expensive dolls which its just cool to see, but there are always great finds and really wonderful dealers like this one that made Rosalie possible for us - TiGGy is Hoping you can come Visit! - LuV, TiGGY

  2. Looks like you got yourself some great new friends and neighbors.

    1. YePs AnonyPeeP - I GoT's Da Tiquey FeverMosT! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  3. Hi Tiggy! Impressive restoration and cleaning! It's nice to see them get a new lease of life. I'm notoriously bad with names so my idea of 'Grezelda' might not be the best!! Kind regards, Brian

    1. Hello There Brian - TiGGy did indeed hear your name of Grezelda and rather likes it, so lil French Girl incorporated it into todays post and will enjoy trying it out for awhile, its very originalMosT According to Da TiGGs - who Sends YoU LuV!

  4. Hello from Spain: I see that Tiggy has new friends. These are really lovely antique dolls. You can put the name of a flower. In my country there is a girl name is Margarita .. Great joj. Keep in touch

    1. Greetings Marta - Ooosp totally missed your name idea, but a flower name is a very good idea, we will keep thinking on it. Thanks so Much for your Visit and Sweet Comments - LuV, TiGGy

  5. Nuevos amiguitos para Tiggy???
    Son unas fantasticas muñecas, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

    1. Ascensión Saludos, Gracias por Gusto Me New Dolly Amigos! Amor, Tiggy