Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OmG YaY Our Origami PaddleBoard CAME!!!
 We's LonG AwaiTeD Origami PaddleBoard Be's HERE!!!
 MomentousMosT TiGGy Tigglet BoX Open'nZ!
 Ans We GoTs Da Firstliest #1 "Luscious Grape" New Color!!!
 HaPPy Dance'nZ!!!
 In's PersonMosT May Be Purple....
 BuT's I Be TinK'nZ PinKMosT!
 We JuS DO LuVs We PiNKs!
 GeT's Yer Ownliest Origami PaddleBoard In's Yellow ans Green Too's!
 Fold's Right OpeNs!!!
 Ready Ta Cruise Here's!
 Tigglets GoTs Da Directions!
 LoTsa Goodie's Here!!!
 WoW EXtraMosT GooDies!!!
 TANKs Ya TiM FoR's Da SUP Leash Too's!
 OK Assumes Da ReadyMosT PositioN!
 Where's Da Champagne Bottle???...
GoTTa Smash SumTinGs!!
Well At LeasT I GoTs Da ProperMosT Stance
 Ans Technique
 Captain TiGG's Be SkillnZ!
 Me Dolly Tigglet Be's A FineMosT FigureHead Too's!
 Now GeTs Dis Vessel On's Da Water!
 C'MoN MA ~ Ya GoTs Dis!!!
DonT MaKe's Me SToMP OuTs Dere!!!
YaY MA!!!!
 BuT I StiLL GoTs Da MaidenMosT VoYaGE!
HaPPy StanD Up's Paddle'nZ PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy & Tigglet


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad it started to rain, but I guess if you are in (or on) the water, you are supposed to get wet!

    1. YeP started to rain the moment I got it on the water, but I was sooo scared I doubt anything but the Thunder and Lightning would have finally gotten me to gather the courage to actually finally STAND - OmG its sooo COOL!!! Major Awesome exercise, we could have gotten the green or yellow ones much earlier, but were holding out for this color - TiGGy is DeLighted its PinKMosT - and WoW I gotta say, I am super out of shape but this is so FuN and stable, that its going to be a HooT of a workout this summer! Thanks for EnJoYing all the piX, we were So Happy It Came!!! - TiGGy and Tigglet send LUV!!!

  2. Making a big splash with the new paddle board? Beautiful pics of TiGGy!

  3. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... you are very brave with that boat. I hope the water was not very cold. I really like the color of the boat. Stunning photos. I see a day with lots of fun and sport. Awesome pics. Keep in touch

  4. Que preciosa embarcacion y el color me encanta.
    Unas preciosas fotografias.
    Eres muy valiente...solo hay que verte como disfrutas del agua.
    besitos ascension

  5. Tiggy!! Sorry I missed this post! Now that looks like fun! I am so NOT a watery person and I can appreciate the bravery needed! Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Tiggy...you still a paddlin...Tiggy?

    we hopes there was no creature from the black lagoon out there