Saturday, October 6, 2012

Im's OverWhelmed PeePs

Im's OverWhelmed PeePs by DollZWize
Im's OverWhelmed PeePs, a photo by DollZWize on Flickr.

Happy 3rd BDaY TiGGy!


  1. it's hard to decide, but this might be my favorite pic!

    oooo you probably need to spend the rest of the day lying down to recuperate lol!

    Christine did a wunnerful wunnerful ting!

    What a birthday!

  2. Argentto - Thank you for making this such a Special day and Celebrating it along with us! I really like it that you like this pic - that victorian chair from Gaithersburg, just makes for the cutest safe little swing for her to enjoy her new pal - TiGGs suddenly blurted out TiGGlet - so I think her little one has a name now!

    Christine did something so special with this doll, it totally moved a colleague of mine tonight - he isn't even a doll person, but he said he just got so moved, that there was something very incredible about the aura of this little one - from a non doll person - isn't that Amazing?!

    Thanks so Much for Everything!!! TiGGs is Beaming Glow Dusties to You's ans Crew!