Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HaPPyMosT HalloWeeN PeePs!

 CowBoyDude ByGBy w/ Snoopy ans O Course Frankie!
 Zephyr Fidelia Be's SuperHeroMosT!
 Lil BeaN GoTs Bell's On's
Ans Phaedra Gots She Clown Baby All Dressed UPs!
 VampFae Sageling GoTs She VampBaby
 WiDs TeeFs!
 GoTs Me FBI - Faery Bureau O Investigatory GO'nZ!
PoWeR To Da PeePs!
 Baby Pearlie Ans Tigglet Be's PartyMost Wids Da Teenies!
 We ALL's Be CeleBraTe'nZ!!!
 YAY PeePs!!!
  HaVe's A CandyMosT 
 DandyMosT HalloWeeNZ!!!
~@~ LuV's TiGGy ans Da Crew ~@~

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